If you are a member of the military facing a DUI charge, your case will differ from a civilian’s. For this reason, you should educate yourself on your personal situation. Determine how you should approach the DUI charge, as well as the potential consequences that you face as a military official. Use this information about DUI and the military as a basis for your research into your case. This information can help you determine how you should approach it.

Civilian vs. Military DUI

While civilian DUI cases are tried at a regular court hearing, a military DUI case will be tried in a military court. Your DUI attorney should be reputable and well versed in regular DUI cases. They should also understand the unique process and consequences that you face as a member of the military. The first step in dealing with a DUI charge is finding a good DUI attorney. In civilian cases, the court hearing and overall process can take a long time. This means that civilians have time to consider multiple lawyers before deciding on the best one. But, military DUI cases usually take much less time. So, it is important that you act quickly if you want to hire a good DUI lawyer. Most attorneys will offer you a free consultation. Use this opportunity to ask questions and determine the competency of the attorney. It is important that you feel comfortable with your attorney. This is because your representation in court could be the difference between a conviction of guilty versus not guilty.

Military Court

While military courts can use the state’s legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit, they are not confined to it. Even if you are caught driving with a blood alcohol level under the state limit, the military can determine for itself if it feels that your judgment was impaired. They can decide on their own if you should subsequently be punished. If this is the case, the military will charge you with a DUI. You might be able to make a stronger case for yourself if you were under the state’s legal BAC limit. But, you should be aware that you could still face the consequences of a DUI.

Military DUI Consequences

While there are clear consequences of driving under the influence in civilian cases, military cases are different. The military can determine how severe of a punishment you will receive. This is based on the circumstances of your situation and the facts that you present in court. There is no maximum punishment for military DUIs. This means that the military can decide your sentence entirely on its own. This could range from a mere reprimand to more serious consequences. You could face dishonorable discharge, rank reduction, pay reduction, fines, or even imprisonment. The consequences of a DUI if you are in the military can be serious. Keep in mind that getting a DUI can end your career in the military. While this is certainly not the case for all members of the military, it is important to take this charge seriously. It has the potential to end your career.

Receiving a DUI if you are in the military can have serious consequences that a civilian with a DUI does not face. If you are charged with a DUI and you are in the military, it is important to build a strong case and find a good lawyer to represent you.