DUI convictions can affect people in a variety of ways. They can affect your financial standing because you might have to pay fines and court fees. They can affect your emotional health, due to the stress that you will face during the court hearings and the consequences of your sentencing. You might also have feelings of guilt, shame, anger, or depression as a result of a DUI. In addition to the financial and emotional impact of a DUI, a DUI can also affect your career or education. College athletes who are convicted of driving under the influence can face lengthy suspensions or even dismissal from their sport. DUI impact on college athletes can be serious.

College Athlete Consequences

Many college athletes who have been convicted of DUIs face serious consequences. This is due to the public nature of college sports. If you bring bad press to your team and go without punishment, it will reflect poorly on your team and your college’s image. Furthermore, most athletes sign a sobriety contract at the beginning of the season. If you are in breach of this contract, you will have to face the consequences outlined in the contract. Generally this includes at least a suspension from playing for a significant period of time.

In some cases, college athletes who are caught driving under the influence will be dismissed from their teams. This can have severe consequences for both your education and your future career. If you are a college athlete with a sports scholarship, this scholarship will be taken away if you are kicked off of your team. Depending on your financial situation, this could lead to your inability to pay for college on your own. As a result, you might have to take out large loans or even drop out of college.

Another major consequence of being dismissed from your college team is the affect that it could have on your future career as a professional athlete. If you are no longer playing a sport at the college level, your chances of being scouted and drafted onto a major league team are severely lowered. Lack of publicity through college sports can also lower your chances of playing on a major league sports team. This means that a DUI can potentially end your sports career before it even begins.

Protecting Your Rights

While the consequences that college athletes charged with DUIs face will differ from university to university, these consequences can be serious. Your college career and your professional career can be jeopardized if you are suspended or kicked off of your team. It is important to do everything that you can to keep yourself from being dismissed from your sports team. Consulting a DUI attorney could help you to understand your case better and can help you prepare for a hearing within your school about the actions that your sports team will take against you.