The DUI impact on college students can be serious. Many schools have a zero tolerance policy concerning alcohol. They will not take your DUI lightly. This is especially the case if you are underage.  The consequences involved for a student attending a university or college are unique. They should be fully understood when faced with this situation.

DUI Impact on College Students

Everyone who is charged with a DUI should appear at a court hearing. They should also appear at a hearing with the (DMV). If you are found in possession of alcohol or you commit a DUI on your college campus, your college may give you a separate punishment. You might have to attend a hearing at your school to explain your behavior and argue your case. You should take this hearing seriously. It could determine the extent of your punishment. Even if you are over the age of 21, your college has the right to take disciplinary action against you as they see fit. While you should focus on your court hearing and your DMV hearing, you should keep the school hearing in mind as well. Presenting a strong, clear case to a disciplinary board can help minimize disciplinary action taken against you. This will help preserve your college career.

Academic Probation

A typical sanction by a public university will consist of a suspension or academic probation. This type of penalty will vary in length, but it will generally last from one semester to a whole school year. You might also have to attend alcohol or drug treatment classes. These are the typical punishments that you will receive if you are charged of a DUI on school property.

Scholarship Loss

However, you could receive other punishments. One other major consequence of getting a DUI on school property is the loss of an academic scholarship. Many programs will terminate your scholarship if you are found to be in violation of school rules or exhibit impaired judgment. In some cases, the loss of a scholarship can be serious. You might have to find an alternative way to pay for college by taking out student loans. In some cases, you might be unable to pay for college and will be forced to take time off.

Getting Help

Getting a DUI on school property can lead to severe punishments related to your college career. Every case is different, so if you have additional questions concerning the DUI impact on college students, you should talk to an experienced Connecticut DUI attorney. You could face suspension, expulsion, or the loss of a scholarship if you are caught drinking and driving on your school campus. To prevent these consequences, you should prepare for the disciplinary hearing at your school and make sure that you present yourself as a mature, responsible student who made a mistake and is willing to fix it. Finding character witnesses can also help your case. Keep in mind that every case is different, but by taking the punishments imposed by your school seriously, you could have a chance at fighting them.