Having a DUI on your record can making finding a new job difficult. But, if you have a DUI, it will not ruin your chances of joining the military. You can still be accepted into the military. But, your prior crimes must get presented when you apply. The military will decide if you are still fit to serve based on the circumstances surrounding your DUI.

Joining the Military

When deciding who is fit to join the military and who is not, the military heavily considers a person’s character and their way of thinking. While getting a DUI shows poor judgment, the military will take your personal situation into consideration before denying your application. If you can demonstrate to the military ways that you have reformed your ways since your DUI, you could make a strong case for your personal character. This means you could be accepted into the military.

The military doesn’t solely take into account a guilty conviction. They will also look at your character and other positive actions that you have taken in your life. The important thing is to be upfront about your DUI conviction when applying to be in the military. You are obligated by law to inform the military of any criminal charges or run-ins with the law. Hiding a DUI conviction will only hurt your chances of being accepted to the military. This is because the military will find out about it anyway.

In order for you to have a chance at entering the military with a DUI charge, someone in the military must sign a waiver for you. This waiver means that the officer is aware of your past criminal troubles and is willing to look past them. Even if you were not convicted of a DUI, inform your recruitment officer of your run-in with the law. If you were accused of a DUI, you will still need to get a waiver signed before you will be considered for the military. Generally, someone with a higher rank than the recruiting officer will have to sign this waiver.

Applying While in Jail

If you are serving jail time for a DUI conviction, the military most likely won’t consider you as a candidate until you have finished your sentence. If you are on probation, you should wait until your probation is served before applying for the military. But, there have been cases where the military has accepted candidates currently on probation for a DUI related crime. You can still apply even if you are on probation. Just keep in mind that your chances of getting in will be slim.

Getting a DUI doesn’t automatically mean that you will be unable to start a career in the military. The military will consider your personal case before accepting or denying you. If you can prove that you have changed since your DUI conviction, you might be accepted into the military. For more help, you can contact my office.