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Facing a Connecticut DUI can be one of the scariest experiences of your life. The good news is that you do not have to go through this experience alone. Lady DUI is here for you! We are here to help you through the court process, the DMV hearing, and anything else you might face during this difficult time. Do not face this alone - let our team protect you and your rights.


Hiring A Lawyer For A DUI Arrangement in Connecticut

The DUI lawyers of Lady DUI take defending DUI charges seriously. Our firm believes that in every case we can find a unique angle to defend against the charges by the police. By focusing our resources on DUI defense, we aren’t distracted by bankruptcy filings, slip and falls lawsuits, and divorces like some other lawyers. We can dedicate our time and attention to researching, investigating and finding ways to win DUI cases. Watch the video below to hear directly from Connecticut DUI Lawyer Teresa DiNardi and she will explain what sets Lady DUI apart.

The Scariest Night Of Your Life

When those lights go on behind you, you can become paralyzed by fear. Minor motor vehicle movements aren’t simply driving anymore, they become clues to your intoxication. The problem with that is that police officers are looking for problems, not innocent explanations. Our tireless investigation and advocacy by your Connecticut DUI Lawyer can find innocent explanations for otherwise seemingly criminal conduct. Perhaps your wheels are out of alignment, or the officer failed to recognize the dozens of proper things you did and only focused on the one error you made. By knowing what the police should be looking for, we can see things they didn’t.

Free DMV Representation = $1,500 Value!

When we get involved in a DUI defense – we want to represent our clients 100%. That is why we always include DMV representation as part of our legal fee. Other lawyers will charge for this service, but we include it as part of our legal fee. We often gather good information about your case in the DMV process, information we can use at court. Why pay another lawyer double for what they should be doing anyway? With Lady DUI, your DMV representation is part of our total legal fee, so you are actually saving money and getting top notch representation.

The state needs to only prove four simple things to take away your ability to drive, and the shortest license suspension is 90 days – with others being much, much longer. Imagine having no ability to drive. Who would you turn to? Can you get a ride – everywhere you need to go – for the next three months or more? That is why we fight every DMV hearing. Our Connecticut DUI lawyers handle dozens of DMV hearings every month – to know we did absolutely everything legally possible to fight to overturn the automatic suspension and put you back on the road.

Getting you back on the road is important, and we want you to be prepared for every contingency, which is why we will walk you through this process. If you have more questions, you can talk to our team to help you get the right answers to questions you might not even know you have now. Information is power, and we strive to have the best informed clients in the state.

Worried About What Will Happen in Court?

Our lawyers have a statewide reputation for excellence in defending DUI cases. Our lawyers have represented celebrities, police officers, foreign heads of state, and more importantly, ordinary people like you since we opened our doors in 2001. The truth is simple, in order to get to you,  they have to get through us. We pride ourselves on finding ways to win – and that means we leave no stone unturned to find the right result for you and your case, not the same result for every client. Some people think that by hiring us it shows you are guilty – but nothing is further from the truth – it shows you are not going to lay down and take whatever happens to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a public defender? The public defender is a safety system for poor people, and 99% of the people who contact us for representation will not qualify for their services. In order to qualify for the public defender, you must make less than the federal poverty level – which in 2020 is $26,200 for a family of four. If you make more than this annually, or you have fewer members in your family, you will not qualify for a public defender. Plus, a public defender can’t represent you at the DMV, a major reason to hire our firm.

Should I even hire a lawyer? The prosecutors are lawyers, trained to find ways to convict you. They are definitely not on your side. The judge is a lawyer too, but they are not interested in you winning or even escaping, just that the system is fair. The fair criminal justice system has put plenty of innocent people behind bars – look at the paper any day of the week to read stories like that. The only way to have an advocate for your side is to hire a lawyer. If you represent yourself, the state will not negotiate, they will simply make you a take it or leave it offer. There are legal and scientific issues in DUI cases which make them the most complicated of all criminal cases – only represent yourself if you have the training or time to learn everything they teach in law school in the next few weeks.

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