Release Conditions At the Arraignment

When a person is released on a bail bond after a DUI arrest, there may be conditions for the release. The most common condition for release is a monetary bail bond. However, other conditions may be imposed, such as surrendering firearms, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, staying in the state while the case is pending, and more.


After you have been arrested for a Connecticut DUI there might be release conditions for your custody. It is likely that you will have to appear at an arraignment after your arrest. At the arraignment, your bail bond will be determined by the judge. In some situations, when facing a Connecticut DUI, a judge or bail commissioner will require that the defendant follow conditions of release to be awarded bail. These release conditions often depend on the defendant’s situation and attempt to ensure that the defendant will appear in court when they are supposed to.

On this page, you can learn more about common DUI release conditions, how to minimize them, and how to fight for your right to be released from police custody while your case is pending.

What are Release Conditions?

As mentioned above, sometimes a judge will attach release conditions when considering bail for a defendant. This happens with many different types of criminal cases, including DUI cases. Conditions for release put restrictions on the defendant, encouraging them to attend their court dates. Sometimes, defendants do not want to go to court and deal with their cases. They sometimes need an incentive to appear in court when they are supposed to. 

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The most common such restriction is a bail bond. By paying a fee that the defendant can only get back if they attend court, the court increases the probability that the defendant will actually show up for their court date. Other common conditions for release are:

  • A requirement that the defendant remain in the state until the finalization of their case. This might be encouraged by having the defendant surrender their passport or other travel documents to the court.
  • Forbidding the defendant to contact the victim(s) involved in the 
  • A requirement that the defendant must get or keep their job.
  • No possession or use of any weapons.
  • Refraining from alcohol and drug use.
  • Remaining in school if they were going to school when they were arrested or actively trying to get into school. 
  • Following a curfew.
  • Not committing additional crimes.
  • Checking in with the police on a regular basis.

If restrictions for release are imposed on you and you do not follow them, you may face additional consequences. You could be charged wit ha new crime. Alternatively, the court may modify your bond and force you to wait in jail until your case is heard in court. 

Even if you follow the conditions of your release, failure to appear in court is a crime and a warrant will be ordered for your arrest. This is a serious charge that you could face in addition to your DUI. It is best to appear in court when you are asked to and avoid a failure to appear charge. 

Getting Help

Bail is a serious consideration in a Connecticut DUI case. If you are released on bail and there are conditions for your release, make sure that you follow them to avoid any additional issues. If you need help with your bail or understanding the conditions for your release, contact my office. I can also assist with your DUI charge, so contact my office to learn more. Together, we can make sure that you follow the court’s rules to avoid any issues while ensuring that your rights are protected.

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