Knowing how to dress for court is very important. Going to court is a formal occasion and the members of the bench and bar take their role seriously. Many of them chose this profession after careful reflection and years of study. There are specific rules concerning behavior, the procedure, and even what can be said. Even though these rules only apply in the courtroom, the manner in which you proceed and follow these rules greatly affects your case. First impressions and the way in which you carry yourself are very important. Instead of wearing whatever you feel like to court, ask yourself who the judge would take most seriously. To gain the respect of the court, you should dress professionally. You should dress as if you were attending a job interview, so that you may provide the best first impression possible.

How to Dress

By establishing a sense of professionalism with your dress, you are also establishing credibility. Men should wear a suit and tie or a sport coat and tie. Women should wear a business suit or a conservative dress. If you do not have this type of clothing, make sure that your clothes are neat and clean. Dress like a professional, avoiding loud colors, costume jewelry, or anything else that is flashy and that will draw attention. Do not wear items that identify your personal association with a group, whether it be a college pin, religious jewelry or political buttons, for these items can inspire prejudice in the minds of the judge or jury. Men should be clean-shaven and should get a hair cut if needed and women should avoid loud hairstyles and keep their makeup to a minimum.