Holidays are some of the most dangerous days to be on the road. They are also days during which you are most likely to be stopped by a police officer while driving. But why is this the case? The holidays are a happy time of celebration. Why aren’t these police officers with their families? Why are so many drivers subsequently arrested? I’ll take a look at some of the factors that influence the increase in arrests. I’ll also discuss what to do if you face a DUI arrest after the holidays.

Factors Influencing Arrests

There are several factors that make holidays a time when the roads become more dangerous. A few common factors include:

  • Heightened emotional state. For good or bad, the holidays tend to make people emotional. Maybe you are extremely happy to see your family. Or, maybe you are stressed about seeing your brother after the fight that you had last month. Either way, a heightened emotional state can distract you while you are on the road. This leads to erratic driving behavior and even accidents. This could cause a police officer to pull you over and test you for drinking and driving.
  • Traffic. A lot of people travel on the holidays, and even if you’re just going 20 minutes down the road, you along with many other people will be on the roads at the same time. This can cause accidents or road rage, which can result in an arrest.
  • Increased alcohol consumption. Many people choose to celebrate by having a glass of wine with dinner or a toast of champagne. While it is not illegal to consume alcohol and then drive, even one or two drinks can make you less safe on the road. A police officer will recognize this, making your chances of being pulled over higher.
  • More police officers on the road. While police officers would much rather spend the holidays with their families, they are aware of the high number of accidents and drunk drivers on the road during the holidays. As a result, there are more police officers on the road looking for speeding cars, erratic driving, or manning DUI checkpoints.

What to Do if You are Arrested

If you are arrested during the holidays for a DUI or other driving violation, the two most important things for you to do are:

  1. Gather evidence to defend yourself.
  2. Hire a lawyer.

You have to fight this charge in court, and in order to do so you need to prove that you have been wrongly accused. You can use incorrectly administered field sobriety tests, faulty breathalyzers, and testimony that you were not drinking to prove that you are innocent of a DUI. Hiring a lawyer will help you in this pursuit. A lawyer, especially a DUI lawyer who is familiar with cases similar to yours, will be able to help you build this defense.