There’s a fine line between being too intoxicated to drive and being ok to operate a motor vehicle. Scientifically speaking, any amount of alcohol will impair your judgment to a certain extent. The determination of a .08 blood alcohol content as the limit for “sober” driving at times seems arbitrary. Some people feel like they are too impaired to drive at .05% BAC. Others can operate a motor vehicle just fine with a BAC of .08 or higher. All of these factors can make it difficult to know if you can safely drive yourself home after having a few drinks. There is no magic remedy to all of this confusion. But, here are a few tips to help you determine if you are able to drive home or not.

Understand Your Limits

If you know that you can only handle two beers at dinner, don’t exceed this amount. If you do exceed the number of drinks that you usually have, you should consider having someone else drive you home.

Buy a Personal Breathalyzer Test

There are several types of these tests on the market, from reusable ones that you can find on Amazon for $40, to disposable breathalyzers that you can pick up for a few dollars. Many lawyers even offer free disposable breath alcohol tubes for your convenience. While these breath tests are not always 100% accurate, they will provide a good basis to help you understand if you are sober enough to drive home. You can even buy a mobile breathalyzer attachment for your phone that will turn your phone into a breathalyzer.

Use a Breath Test App

There are some new phone applications that will help you determine if your BAC is too high for you to drive. One popular option is ENDUI, the free app that will estimate your BAC when you input your gender, weight, and information regarding what you drank and when you drank it. The app will then calculate an approximate BAC and inform you of your ability to drive safely. If you are not able to drive home, this app will help you find a cab or access a shortlist of emergency contacts who can be your designated driver.

When in Doubt, Proceed with Caution

If you are unsure about driving home, it is better to be safe than sorry. Call a cab, a friend, or ask someone else that you are with to drive you home. These options might seem like a pain, but they are nothing compared to dealing with a DUI!

If you find yourself in a situation where you are not sure if you are capable of safely driving home, you can call on one of these resources to help you make the decision. Again, when in doubt, get a ride with someone else. Please feel free to leave a comment about your tips for getting home safely below!