If you face a DUI and believe you are guilty of this crime, you might want to plead guilty. If so, you might be wondering how a DUI lawyer can help you. You’re guilty, and you are going to plead guilty, so why should you waste your money on a DUI lawyer? Even if you believe that you are guilty of a crime, hiring a DUI lawyer is in your best interest. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a lawyer even if you are going to plead guilty.

Consider All of Your Options

The prosecution or the judge will not sit down with you. They will not explain your options when you plead guilty. The prosecution is not necessarily concerned with giving you the best option for your situation. A prosecutor is just concerned with doing their job.

For example, unless you hire a DUI lawyer, it probably won’t be explained to you that you might qualify for the Alcohol Education Program. Even if you are guilty of a DUI, if you are a first time offender, you are eligible for this program in the state of Connecticut. Attending the program will mean that you will not have a DUI on your record. A DUI lawyer can help you get into this program or similar programs.

Stating the Facts

Even if you believe that you are guilty of a DUI, you have the right to defend yourself in court. A DUI lawyer can help you determine and present the facts of your case. This does not necessarily mean that you will be found innocent. But, it will give the court an honest snapshot of what happened the night that you were arrested. Even if you were drinking and driving, some evidence might prove that your blood alcohol content was not at or above .08%.

Protecting Your Rights

Just because you are guilty of a crime does not mean that your rights can be violated. A DUI lawyer will make sure that you are treated fairly in court and make sure that evidence that was gathered incorrectly is not admissible in court. For example, if a police officer did not administer a field sobriety test correctly, or if a lab technician did not properly store your blood sample, this evidence should not be used in court.

Making Sure the Punishment Fits the Crime

A DUI lawyer will help to determine what your punishment should be if you are found guilty. A DUI lawyer can make sure that you face reasonable fines, jail time, community service, etc. A good DUI lawyer might even be able to help you get no jail time, even if you are found guilty.

As you can see, a DUI lawyer can help you if you face a DUI charge, even if you believe that you are guilty. To discuss your case with me and learn how I can help you, click here.