What if I Get a DUI in Connecticut When I am a Resident Out-of-State?

People travel a lot, especially around the holidays. But what happens if traveling brought you to the state of Connecticut from the state that you live in? What if you are an out-of-state resident who was charged with a DUI in the state of Connecticut?

DUI Penalties

It is important to keep in mind that if convicted in Connecticut, you face Connecticut’s DUI penalties. You also face the DUI penalties in your home state. In many cases, the penalties that your state will impose will be less harsh than Connecticut’s penalties. Regardless, you could be dealing with double the amount of fines, jail time, probation, etc.

Penalties for a first offense DUI in Connecticut are a fine of $500-1,000 and a jail sentence of up to six months. You also face a period of probation, community service, and having your driver’s license suspended in Connecticut for one year. You can contact a DUI lawyer in your area to determine what the DUI penalties are in your home state.

Hiring a Lawyer

Avoiding an out-of-state DUI can be very important. This is especially true considering the fact that you will have to deal with consequences in two states if convicted. For this reason, you want to do everything you can to fight the DUI in Connecticut and prevent having consequences in your home state and in Connecticut. To establish the best defense for your case, you should hire a Connecticut DUI lawyer. DUI lawyers are familiar with local laws, local courthouses and judges, and they have the experience to give you the best defense possible.

While there is no guarantee that hiring a lawyer will exonerate you from the crime, it is your best bet if you want to get a verdict of not guilty. Many DUI lawyers in the area, including myself, offer free consultations. If you would like to get your questions answered and an honest opinion regarding your case, you can set up a free consultation with a DUI lawyer in Connecticut.

Appearing in Connecticut

You will most likely have to appear at a court hearing in the county where you were arrested. In addition, attending your DMV hearing can oftentimes make a difference and save you your license. For these reasons, you should make arrangements to come back to Connecticut to attend these hearings. Being proactive about this can make the process go as smoothly as possible.

An out of state DUI can be a hassle because you have to deal with paperwork, forms, penalties and more in two states instead of one. In order to stay organized and reduce stress during this process, hiring a DUI lawyer is in your best interest.


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