Court Process

What is it like to go to Danbury court in order to defend yourself against a driving under the influence charge? On this page, we walk you through what to expect when you go to court in Connecticut. We discuss the people who will likely be involved in your case, how to best present yourself in court, and more.


The consequences faced by those who have been arrested for DUI can be quite severe and long-lasting in the state of Connecticut. This, coupled with the fact that most people arrested for such an infraction have limited experience with the court process, can create a situation ripe with confusion and stress. It is due to this that it is paramount that one exercise patience and diligence in finding a capable Danbury DUI defense lawyer who can explain the process and law to their client. Learn more about the court process here.

Danbury Court Process

A large part of the reason a case may take what appears to be a long time is that the prosecutors, judges, clerks, and other courthouse personnel control the docket and caseload. The other reason cases may appear to drag on to defendants is beneficial to them. This is because continuances do take time and push the case out to a later date, but they benefit the defense in that it gives their lawyer the time necessary to be prepared and able to give the defendant the best defense possible.

As with all criminal matters, the location at which the crime was committed or where the arrest was made determines which courthouse the case will be assigned to. These courthouses are called superior courts and are given a geographical area number. For a DUI arrest in Danbury, the case will be heard in the Superior Court of Danbury, G.A. 3.

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Crimes, Courthouses, and Going to Court

The most straightforward way to understand the different types of cases is to understand classifications of criminal cases. These are felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions. Felonies are the most serious crimes and misdemeanors are lesser crimes. Infractions are oftentimes not really considered “crimes” and instead result in something like a fine.

In Connecticut, the prosecutors work in the State’s Attorneys Office and are often referred to as a State’s Attorney. These people represent the state and work closely with law enforcement to gain evidence against the defendant. Defendants are represented by defense attorneys who work to advocate for their client and ensure there is fairness and no deprivation of the defendant’s rights.

It is important to note that the courthouse is not friendly terrain in the sense that the defendants are always being watched and judged, and inferences are made by prosecutors and judges based on what they observe. Due to this, it is important for defendants to always remember to be polite, refrain from using vulgar language, refrain from discussing their case with anyone but their lawyer, and dress in a manner that conveys that the defendant appreciates the circumstances and seriousness of any criminal matter brought before the court.

Cases are not lost entirely because a defendant dresses casually or appears indifferent, but it certainly does not do the defendant any favors. It is important to view it like a job interview, to be on your best behavior and put forth your best possible face.

Help With Your DUI and Court Process

Danbury DUI arrests can be embarrassing, stressful, and confusing. That is why it is important to have an attorney represent you and walk you through this process. If you receive a DUI in Danbury, Lady DUI can zealously represent you. Let us help you through the court process.

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