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Insurance Compliance Hearings

In the state of Connecticut, it is illegal to drive without having motor vehicle insurance. If the DMV learns that your vehicle is not insured, they will send you a notice. Your license can be suspended if you cannot prove to the DMV in an insurance compliance hearing that your vehicle is properly insured. Learn more on this page.


The state of Connecticut is strict when it comes to holding drivers responsible for not having car insurance. Sometimes this is achieved through insurance compliance hearings. It can be a pain to have to pay for insurance every month when you feel like you are a safe driver. But, it can be even more of a pain to get pulled over and receive a ticket for not having it. 

It is important to remember that having car insurance protects you, even if you are a great driver. Every time you get in the car there are other people driving around you that may not be as careful. The most important thing to remember is that if you have been ticketed for not having car insurance, you are entitled to an insurance compliance hearing. 

What to Do If You Get a Notice

If you have received a notice from the DMV that includes a fine for not having insurance coverage on your vehicle, there are a few options you have. First, you can send in proof that you indeed had insurance on your vehicle, and the DMV made a mistake. To do this, you can send a letter from your insurance company that outlines your coverage or you can provide your permanent insurance card. After doing this, you should receive a notice from the DMV within 14 days that confirms your coverage. 

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Your second option is to prove to the DMV that you either sold your vehicle or you moved out of the state. To do this you can mail the DMV a copy of your bill of sale, junk receipt, repossession document, total loss document or the title on or before the cancellation of your insurance. To prove you moved out of the state, you can make a copy of your new registration with the new state you live in and send that to the DMV. You should receive a notice from the DMV within 14 days that confirms they received your paperwork. 

Insurance Compliance Hearings

Your last option is to request a hearing to contest your insurance fine. At this hearing, you can address whether your car was registered in your name at the time your insurance was canceled and that you insurance was maintained while it was registered in your name. In order to request a hearing to contest this, you can contact the DMV before the date of the suspension. 

Getting Help

If you or someone you know has received a notice from the DMV regarding your motor vehicle insurance, call my office to find out more about your options. If you do want to request an insurance compliance hearing, it is a good idea to have the help of an attorney. A lawyer can review your situation and help you determine the best way to defend yourself at the hearing. For more information, contact my office. I am happy to assist you through this experience.

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