DUI Conviction

How and why is the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) involved if you are charged with a DUI? You can learn about per se DMV hearings and the consequences that the DMV can imposed on a driver on this page.


When you face a DUI conviction, you most likely face a suspension of your license. Even before a DUI conviction, your license will likely be suspended. This will happen once you are arrested. The arresting police officer must immediately confiscate your license and start the paperwork to suspend your license.

The police officer will then notify Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It is the DMV’s job to launch an administrative investigation into your case. In order to end the suspension of your license, you need to attend a DMV hearing. You need to understand the process of a DMV suspension and what happens after your DUI charge so that you can try to get the suspension lifted. This will help you get your license back as soon as possible.

DMV’s Involvement

While the DMV is not involved in a DUI conviction, you could face other consequences. Your driver’s license is a privilege given to you by the DMV. Because of this, the DMV can also take away your driving privilege. If you lose your license because of a DUI, your license will get suspended for at least 45 days. The amount of time of your suspension will depend on the number of DUI offenses you have. It also depends on your particular situation. The DMV will take into account your age when suspending your license.

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After you are charged with a DUI, your license will get confiscated at the scene of the crime. You will then have to undergo a court hearing and a DMV hearing. These hearings are separate from one another. If you get a not guilty verdict in court, and if the DMV agrees with this verdict, you will get your license back immediately. However, if you are considered guilty of a DUI, your license will continue to be suspended. You can get your license back once the suspension is over. You may do this by submitting an application to the DMV. However, you can’t legally drive until the suspension is over and you have gotten approval from the DMV.

DUI Conviction Consequences

A license suspension resulting from a DUI should be taken seriously. If you get caught driving while your license is suspended, it will be difficult for you to get your license back once the suspension period is over. You could also face other penalties that are more severe. So, you should plan on having your license suspended immediately if you are guilty of a DUI, and make alternate transportation plans. If you have any questions concerning your DMV hearing or your license suspension, you can contact the DMV by clicking here. For additional assistance, contact my office.

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