Urine Testing

One of the tests that you may be asked to take by the police if they suspect that you were driving under the influence is a urine test. You can learn more about Connecticut urine testing laws on this page and contact us for further assistance.


If the police suspect that you were driving under the influence in Connecticut, they might insist that you submit to a urine test. Such a test may measure alcohol or drugs in your system. You can review the laws regarding urine testing here.

If someone is accused of a drug DUI, blood tests and urine tests are oftentimes administered as evidence of intoxication. However, these tests can be very inaccurate if they are not administered and analyzed correctly. What’s more, there are many steps involved in correctly administering these tests. Authorized personnel must administer and analyze the tests. Any issues with administering the test or analyzing the results could make the results inaccurate. If this happens, the results could be inadmissible in court. Talk to a lawyer about your blood or urine test. They can help you determine if protocol was broken. 

Urine Testing


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The police officer collecting the sample shall monitor the collection of the sample to ensure that adulteration or misidentification does not occur. In addition, collections shall be monitored by a police officer of the same gender as the individual who gave the sample.


Containers and other equipment for sample collection shall be of a type that will preserve the integrity and suitability of the sample from the time of collection until it is analyzed. Then, following collection, the container for each sample shall be sealed and labeled. Only those samples properly sealed shall get analyzed.

Requirements for Blood and Urine Testing


No analysis result may be reported or used for the purposes specified in section 14-227a-2b of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, unless the method or methods used to conduct the analysis got approved by the commissioner and an analyst performs such analysis.


In conducting the analysis, the analyst shall use standards and controls approved by the commissioner.


All tests shall get performed in duplicate. Alcohol test results shall be reported to the requesting agency. This happens only when the duplicate results correspond to each other within 5% of the mean value. Drug test results shall get reported to the requesting agency. This happens only when the duplicate results correspond to each other within 20% of the mean value.


All reports, written and oral, shall indicate the determined or equivalent blood alcohol content in terms of hundredths of a percent. Also, when determinations happen to the nearest thousandth of a percent, results shall get truncated to the first two digits after the decimal point. For example, a determination of 0.149% shall get reported as 0.14%.

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