Everything You Need to Know About the AEP in Connecticut

If charged with a DUI, the court may recommend that you complete an AEP. AEP is an abbreviation of alcohol education program. These programs may be an alternate option to serving jail time, or other more harsh sentences. The goal of the AEP is to educate the offender on the effects of alcohol and drunk driving. The AEP can be very beneficial for first time offenders. It can educate them in hopes that they have learned from their actions and will not receive another DUI. While the AEP is not a particularly harsh punishment, it has proven to be both beneficial and helpful to offenders.

Using the AEP

The AEP is generally geared towards those who are first time offenders. In some but not all cases, upon completion of the program, the offender may receive full access to their license and driving privileges. On the opposing side, if an individual is sentenced to go through alcohol education and does not attend, they will be sent back to the court for reevaluation. It is important to attend all of the classes and make sure that you pass the program. There are several factors that a judge will consider before sentencing an individual to alcohol education. Some of the most common factors include:

  • The record of the offender. This includes any previous arrests for similar conduct as well as any other previously recorded DUIs.
  • How intoxicated the individual was at the time of arrest. This measurement comes from the recorded blood alcohol content (or BAC) of the individual.
  • If an accident occurred during the DUI. Also if anybody got hurt or injured during this accident.
  • If the individual has completed a similar program and how successful the program was.

Even if a judge does not directly sentence an individual to an AEP, there are many jurisdictions that will require the individual to complete the program to regain their license.

Level Two Program

In addition to AEP, there is also a level two program that may need to be completed. This program will typically include everything that is necessary for the completion of the level one program. It will most likely include a form of therapy as well. The length of the therapy will depend on the sentence. The length of the AEP also depends on each individual situation (or case). The court determines this. Some programs may run as long as 30 months. It may be required that someone attends Alcoholics Anonymous for a group therapy.

If you have recently been arrested for a first offense DUI, it is likely you may end up in some form of an alcohol education program. These programs get designed to help those who have not committed extremely serious offenses in hopes of educating them so that it does not occur again. If you feel as though you need help or guidance getting through your DUI, contact me here. I can answer your questions and help you through the process.

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