Court Process

What is it like going to court in or around East Lyme? If you have to appear in court to respond to a DUI charge, this might be your first experience with the Connecticut court system. On this page, we provide some useful information, including what you can expect from your court date and how you should act in court.


A lot of people arrested for DUI have never had any exposure to the East Lyme court process, which compounds the feelings of anxiety and confusion felt by most under such circumstances. East Lyme DUIs can have an immense effect on people’s lives, and they are serious matters. You can learn more about the East Lyme court process for a DUI on this page.

Going to Court in East Lyme

The criminal court process can be lengthy. This is the case for two main reasons. The first is that the court and prosecution get to dictate the case flow, so they manage the docket, and there is not much that the defense can do about that. The second is because of continuances, though these are often beneficial to the defendant, as it gives the defense attorney time to collect evidence and witnesses and to put forth the best defense possible.

DUIs are considered a criminal matter, and in Connecticut, criminal matters take place in what are called Superior Courts, and they are located throughout the state, and have a specific geographical area (G.A.) number. For DUIs, the Superior Court with jurisdiction is the court that covers the area in which the arrest took place. There are three classifications of crimes – infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies.

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Crimes and East Lyme Court Appearances

Infractions typically involve a fine as a penalty; misdemeanors include a fine and less than a year in jail as potential penalties, and felonies have fines and at least one year in prison as potential consequences. Further, in the court, the prosecution brings the case against the defendant. They represent the state, or the people. In Connecticut, we call prosecutors State’s Attorneys, and they work closely with police to gather evidence and bring about charges against people on behalf of the state. On the other side of the equation are defendants and defense attorneys, who ensure that the defendant’s rights are not abridged and that they receive the best defense under the law.

DUIs are taken very seriously in Connecticut, and as such, it is important to do everything possible to help yourself in this situation, which includes paying attention to your demeanor and appearance. Prosecutors, and court personnel, including judges, are constantly watching defendants and gauging how seriously they are taking the proceedings and the court. Therefore it is imperative that one refrain from using vulgar or otherwise obscene language and to dress in an appropriate manner. Cases are not won or lost solely on these points, but they do have an effect.

Going through the East Lyme court system is a daunting and perplexing endeavor, and the ramifications of the penalties can be quite extensive and life-altering. Therefore it is in the best interest of someone going through this to have a DUI defense attorney working on their behalf. Contact our office for more information on the East Lyme court system.

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