Connecticut DUI FAQs

If you are charged with a DUI, do you need a lawyer? On this page, we answer many of the common questions that we get about Connecticut DUIs and hiring DUI defense lawyers. You can use this information to make the best decision about your situation and your defense tactics.


Our most common FAQs about hiring a DUI lawyer can be found on this page.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

There is no simple answer to this question. Our law provides that a person can represent themselves, so it’s not required that a person hire a lawyer. But, taking into consideration that the prosecutor who will be handling the case for the state has had four years of college, three years of law school, is familiar with the rules of evidence, has had specialized training in the prosecution of cases at trial and has the resources of the state of Connecticut to prosecute you, it is probably in your best interest to hire an attorney. That being said, you do not “need” an attorney if you feel comfortable representing yourself.

Can I Just Get Any Attorney?

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Unlike medical doctors, who often have one area of medicine that they handle, lawyers are allowed to handle any type of case that comes into their office, provided that they know something about it or commit themselves to learning during the representation. This means that the lawyer you choose may not have handled many DUI cases, or may be learning as they go.

Many criminal defense lawyers believe DUI are the most complicated of criminal cases. They involve subjective observations by officers, chemical and toxicological concepts and human physiology. Connecticut does not recognize the specific area of DUI defense as a specialization, but I work in partnership with Attorney James J. Ruane, who has been deemed an expert in criminal defense since 1985 by the National Board of Legal Speciality Certification. He is actively involved in your defense if you choose us to be your attorneys.

What Are Your Fees?

Everything is relative. I handle all my cases on a flat fee basis. This means that when I review your case, I tell you exactly what your fee will be. I do not bill by the hour, or send clients bills at the end of the month to ask for more money. When I get into a case your flat fee covers all proceedings prior to trial. It covers my representation of you at the courthouse and the Department of Motor Vehicles. It covers all meetings, postage, and phone calls.

There are no hidden or additional costs. Your case may have some complicating factors, like prior offenses, other charges, or an accident, so the fee in those cases will be higher than a first offense case with no aggravating factors, simply because of the amount of work which goes into a case with complications.

I try to keep my fees affordable, because no one plans on getting arrested. Because of that, you probably don’t have a savings account for “DUI lawyer.” And to make it convenient, I accept credit cards. I will go over with you what my fee is when I have an idea how complicated your case is and what I need to defend you. I do not charge for initial consultations, so you lose nothing to talk to me how I might help you with your case.

Is There Any Hope?

Well, I believe that every case can be defended. I spend my time researching and looking for innovative ways to defend these cases. These are not easy cases for the state to prove – but only if you have a lawyer who is willing to put in the time. Many lawyers treat DUI cases as an easy way to make money and plead people guilty. So, you should stay away from those lawyers.

Who is “Lady DUI”?

My name is Teresa DiNardi, and I have been practicing law since 2007 with Ruane Attorneys. Because I am a female, and the criminal defense bar is a male dominated field, I have always stuck out. Since my cases are DUI defense cases, lawyers around the courthouse took to calling me “Lady DUI,” a nickname which has stuck. I am the daughter of a former police officer and grew up in the greater Hartford area. My law firm has trademarked the name “Lady DUI” for my practice.

Ok, So What is Next?

First thing you should do is call me. The phone number, 888-LADY-DUI (888-523-9384) rings to my cell phone. If I can, I will answer it. If I am unable to answer it, (usually because I am in court or with a client) please leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as I am able. I try to answer the phone every time it rings. Day or night. Then, put together all of the paperwork you have from the night.

Bond receipts, Notice of Rights form, bar tabs or restaurant checks, etc. Keep that in a safe place for me to review when we meet. And try to relax. The toughest part, the humiliation of being arrested, is behind you. We’ll get through this together.

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