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DUI Charge and Getting Sued

A DUI charge in Connecticut may not be your only concern. If you were also involved in an accident at the time of your arrest, the other party may sue you for personal injury. On this page, learn more about criminal DUI charges that you may face as well as civil personal injury charges that you may need to deal with after a car accident.


Have you recently gotten a DUI? Did a car accident occur in addition to this? If this is the case, you might have two cases pending against you at once if you are sued in addition to being charged with the DUI. While this might seem overwhelming, you don’t need to panic. This article will help you navigate both of the cases and make the best of this situation.

Criminal Charges

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you will face criminal charges for this offense. At this time, it is a good idea to hire a DUI lawyer. You and your lawyer are obligated to attend a trial and provide evidence proving your evidence. At the end of the trial, a judge or jury will determine your guilt or innocence.

For a first DUI offense in the state of Connecticut, you can expect to pay a fine and potentially serve a short amount of jail time. However, most first time DUI offenders in Connecticut are eligible for a diversionary program. If you are eligible for this program and you attend it, you will not be convicted of a DUI.

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Civil Charges and Being Sued

In addition to criminal charges, you might face civil charges if your DUI lead to an accident involving injuries. This might be the case if you are sued by the other party. If another person was injured as a result of your actions while you were driving under the influence, that person has the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against you. If you do learn that a personal injury lawsuit has been filed against you, this is a civil charge that you could be sued for.

The personal injury case will be entirely separate from the criminal case. You will have to provide separate evidence at a personal injury trial and you face separate consequences. For example, during a criminal DUI trial, you are trying to prove that you were not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs to an extent that was over the legal level.

Proving Innocence

During a civil personal injury case in which you are being sued, you are trying to prove that you did not act in a reckless way to cause injuries or damages to another person. In addition, during the civil case, the punishments will not include jail time, probation, or any other criminal consequence.

Instead, if you are found to be at fault for the accident, you will have to pay compensation to the victim to make up for their pain and suffering as well as their financial setbacks due to injuries. For your personal injury case, you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. They will be able to assist you with this specific situation, whereas a DUI lawyer will be most useful in a criminal court.

If you have recently gotten into an accident that involved a DUI, the most important thing you can do is act quickly. By acting in a timely manner you can prepare for both a criminal and a civil trial. This can help you fight all of the charges against you to the best of your abilities. For more information, please contact me at 888-LADY-DUI (888-523-9384).

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