If I’m Innocent, Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you have been arrested for a Connecticut DUI, you may be outraged. If you think that the police made a mistake and you are innocent, you may wonder why you need a lawyer to represent you. The truth is that even if you are innocent, the court system may not see this as clearly as you do. You need a lawyer to present your case and prove that you were not driving under the influence.


If there’s one thing you’re convinced of, it’s that everything is going to work out. Sure, getting charged with a DUI might be a hassle. It might be embarrassing. It might be confusing. But you’re innocent! You know that your blood alcohol content was not at or above .08 on the night of your arrest. So this is going to work out. It will blow over, and you will be fine.

It’s easy to convince yourself that everything is going to be alright when you’re facing a false charge. After all, wasn’t our legal system founded on the premise of, “innocent until proven guilty?” All you have to do is tell the judge you’re innocent. What do you need a lawyer for?

The scenario outlined above might not be what you face if you are innocent of a DUI. There is still a chance that you will be found guilty, and even if you are ultimately found not guilty, you will have to face a long court process as well as expensive court fees. In order to establish the best chances of a case dismissal, you should hire a DUI lawyer.

How Can a DUI Lawyer Help Me?

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There are a few ways in which a DUI lawyer can intervene and prevent you from dealing with the possibility of a guilty verdict. The first way that a DUI lawyer can help you with your case is by gathering evidence to prove your innocence. A lawyer will gather the facts of the arrest and determine from there how much of a case the prosecution has against you. If it is clear that you are innocent of the charge, your lawyer can talk to the prosecution and try to get them to dismiss the charges.

Your lawyer can explain the facts of the case to the prosecution and prove that there is no conceivable way that you are guilty of the DUI charge. A good DUI lawyer can help the prosecution see this, and the charges might get dismissed altogether. A DUI lawyer can also help you determine if asking for a dismissal is a good idea or if you should take your chances at a trial. If they don’t accept the dismissal, your lawyer might win a pretrial motion for you, which is another way to dismiss the case before it goes to trial.

If the case does go to trial, you probably can’t handle this on your own. This is where having a DUI lawyer on your side can be extremely helpful. The lawyer can speak on your behalf, gather and provide evidence in court, and make sure that your rights remain protected while in court.

Getting Help

Even if you are innocent, you have to make sure that you do everything you can to protect yourself from a guilty verdict. To build the best defense possible, consider hiring a DUI attorney. I’d be happy to discuss your situation if you contact me at 888-LADY-DUI.

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