License Suspension

A driver's license suspension is a possibility if you are charged with a first-time DUI in Connecticut. Even if you are not convicted of DUI, the DMV may still seek to suspend your license. You can fight this suspension by requesting a per se hearing with the DMV. Learn more about driving suspensions and exceptions to these suspensions here.


A first-time DUI offender in the state of Connecticut faces many different types of penalties. One type of penalty that you are likely concerned about is a license suspension. Having your driver’s license suspension can make it difficult for you to do your job, run errands, and maintain your social life. On this page, you can learn more about the potential license suspensions that a 1st time offender might face as well as other driving-related penalties and options that you have.

First Offense Penalties

If you face a 1st offense DUI in Connecticut, you also face a license suspension of 45 days. This suspension period is followed by driving with an ignition interlock device (IID) installed on the vehicle(s) that you drive for one year after the license is reinstated.

An ignition interlock device is a device that monitors a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) through use of a breath test. The device must be blown into and must have a safe reading for the vehicle to start. There is also something called a “rolling test” which will happen periodically. A rolling test is a test that is to be taken once the vehicle has already started. While you are driving, your vehicle will signal that you need to pull over and take a breath test. Failure to do this or failure of the breath test will lead to issues with the vehicle and the DMV will be notified of your failure to properly take or pass the rolling test.

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Any failure of an IID will be sent to the DMV, and this could impact your driver’s license in the future and cause other consequences.

Driving Exceptions

If you are issued a driver’s license suspension by the DMV after an implied consent law violation or a DUI conviction, you have the opportunity to fight it at a per se DMV administrative hearing. While these hearings can be difficult to win, it is possible. Having a lawyer present on your behalf can also be helpful in making your case to the DMV.

If you do not win your per se hearing and the driver’s license suspension stands, first-time offenders usually have access to work or education permits from the DMV. These permits, if granted, allow you to drive back and forth from work and school so that you can continue your livelihood or your education. Consider one of these permits if you need to get to work or school and your license has been suspended. While they are not always granted, first-time offenders have a better chance of getting a permit than repeat offenders.

A license suspension because of a Connecticut DUI can disrupt your life in many ways. If you want to fight the suspension, contact a DUI defense lawyer at Lady DUI. If you need help with an IID or applying for a work or education permit, also consider contacting us. We are happy to assist with any suspension related issues.

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