Drug DUI

Even though you hear more often about alcohol DUIs in Glastonbury and throughout Connecticut, drug DUIs also take place in and around Glastonbury. Drug DUIs may be the result of consuming legalized drugs or illegal drugs, the law does not distinguish between the two. If you are facing a Glastonbury drug DUI, read on to learn more about how to protect yourself.


Despite drug-related DUIs getting less attention than alcohol-related DUIs, it is important to note that they do occur. With the recreational legalization of marijuana in Connecticut, drug DUIs are on the rise throughout the state and especially in towns like Glastonbury.

While it may be obvious that illegal drugs could trigger a Glastonbury drug DUI, it is important to also know that legal drugs such as marijuana and prescription drugs could also result in a DUI. This is because the Connecticut laws concerning DUI make no distinction between legal and illegal substances as it relates to driving under their effects. The drug itself may be legal, but operating a motor vehicle under its influence is still dangerous. The same is true when it comes to alcohol and DUIs.

Glastonbury Drug DUI vs. Alcohol DUIs

Driving under the influence of drugs can be harder to define because it is much more difficult to evaluate and test than it is for alcohol. This is due in part because a traditional blood alcohol content (BAC) test does not quantify the amount of drugs ingested, and blood and urine samples can be unreliable due to the nature of drugs remaining in the system for long periods after the effects have worn off.

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Further, different drugs, in different amounts, ingested in different ways, react differently with different people. This means that there is a wide range of behaviors that must be considered, sometimes behaviors that are completely opposite depending on the suspected drug taken. This can make it difficult for police officers and even those trained to recognize drug use to accurately determine the drug that a person has taken or if they are actually under the influence while driving.

Glastonbury Drug DUI Detection

In Connecticut, the method for testing if someone is guilty of Glastonbury drug DUI is done by a drug recognition expert. These experts are people who have passed the Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement class. This course trains the officer in a thorough physical examination to determine if a person is under the influence.

This test is a 12 step process that is being refined and improved as drug laws in Connecticut continue to change. A drug recognition expert (or DRE) will use information such as conversations with the arresting officer and the driver, a physical examination of the driver, and blood, urine, and divided attention test results to determine if a person was under the influence of a drug while they were operating their motor vehicle.

Consequences and Protecting Yourself

These findings can be used in a case against the driver. However, keep in mind that DRE determinations are not always accurate and can be oftentimes refuted by a good drug DUI defense lawyer. For this reason, it is a good idea to contact a lawyer to represent you.

The consequences for driving while impaired on drugs in Glastonbury can include time in jail, probation, fines, community service, license suspension, ignition interlock system requirement, substance abuse treatment, and others. As drug intoxication detection is becoming more streamlined and efficient, it is important to know your options. Call Lady DUI today to set up your consultation with one of our lawyers.

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