Court Process

If you have been charged with a Greenwich DUI, you will likely have to appear in court. Going to court in or around Greenwich is something that you are probably unfamiliar with if this is your first charge. On this page, we provide information on what to expect from the court process and how you can prepare for court.


A lot of the people arrested for Greenwich DUIs have limited prior exposure to the criminal justice system. This increases the nerves and confusion associated with this event. All Greenwich court processes take time and interfere with the regular activity in a person’s life. The consequences of a DUI can have an impact on employment and life in general, and as such, a good understanding of what is happening and what is likely is paramount. You can learn more about the DUI court process on this page.

Why Do Greenwich Court Cases Take So Long?

One of the biggest complaints among people dealing with the Greenwich court system is the amount of time it takes, which can be quite long. There are two reasons for this. First, the prosecution and court get to determine their case flow so that they can manage the docket. Your case may not be a priority or may be moved by the prosecution.

Secondly, and this helps clients, are the continuances. This is essentially a “continuance” of the case and changes the court date to a later date. While continuances may seem annoying on the surface, they actually benefit the defendant because it gives the defense time to find witnesses and conduct research, allowing for the best possible defense to be put forth. You or your defense team can request a continuance, which would work to your benefit.

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Going to Greenwich Court

The courthouses at which the criminal proceedings take place are called Superior Courts. Which one the defendant will go to depends on where the arrest took place. Someone arrested in Greenwich for DUI will go to the Superior Court in Stamford, G.A. 1.

All criminal matters are heard in Superior Courts, and there are three different categories of crime, infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. These crimes are prosecuted by the prosecution who represent the state. In Connecticut, these are called State’s Attorneys. State’s Attorneys work closely with law enforcement, who gather evidence and make arrests for the prosecution. Defense attorneys represent the interests of the accused and ensure that their rights have not been violated and that the state can prove its case to the applicable standard.

How to Act in Greenwich Court

It is important for all defendants to be aware that they should not speak with just anyone in a courthouse about their case. They should only talk to their defense attorney. Further, it is important to note that defendants are always being watched and judged, and while appearances don’t win or lose cases outright, they do have an effect. Therefore defendants should dress professionally when going to court and refrain from using any vulgar or threatening language. A defendant dressing appropriately and acting in an appropriate manner signifies to the court that the person takes the court, and the situation itself, seriously. These little things add up and can really benefit a defendant.

Fighting a DUI charge is nerve-inducing, scary, and confusing, and the punishments associated with a DUI can have a long-lasting impact on a person’s life. It is therefore imperative that they find themselves a good attorney to represent them. To speak with a Greenwich DUI defense attorney, call Lady DUI today.

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