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Drug DUI

While you might hear about alcohol DUIs more frequently than drug-related DUIs, both are possibilities in Greenwich and throughout Connecticut. A person may be charge with a drug DUI whether they are under the influence of a legal or an illegal drug. Learn more about drug DUI detection on this page and contact us to build your defense.


Drug DUIs in Greenwich can be confusing to understand. It is important to note that drug DUIs exist for both illegal drugs and legally owned drugs, as the state statute does not care about the illegal status or not of an intoxicant. The state merely cares about the effects of an intoxicant on driving as it relates to DUIs. This is the case for alcohol. While consuming alcohol is legal, driving under its influence is not. You can learn more about drug DUIs on this page.

The Difficulty With Drug DUIs

It is also important to know that drug ingestion is harder to determine than alcohol as it relates to DUI. This is because there is no standard testing for it, like there is a blood alcohol content (BAC) test for alcohol.

Further, there are so many types of drugs, with so many varied reactions in different people, depending on type, amount, and how it was ingested, that police officers are forced to discern many types of behaviors and how this relates to drug use. In this vein, it is also harder to determine, when given a blood sample or urine sample, when the drug was actually ingested. Frequency of use and certain drugs linger in the body long after the effects of the drug have worn off. All of these factors can make it very difficult to determine if and when drugs were consumed and if they are still having an effect on the body.

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DRE Detection

In Connecticut, there is a method for determining if one is under the influence of drugs while driving. But, unlike with a BAC test for alcohol, it cannot be done by any police officer, Instead, the testing must be done by an officer that is a drug recognition expert (DRE). To become this type of expert, the officer must take and pass the Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement training. Having this certification allows their evaluations to be used as evidence in criminal court and DMV hearings. This ARIDE test is a physical examination that is similar but much more thorough than the typical physical tests involved with alcohol detection.

The ARIDE test is essentially a 12 step process. The 12 steps include conducting a breath test to get a baseline for the driver and interviewing the arresting officer. The drug recognition expert will also perform a basic physical examination of the driver, interview the driver, and ask them to perform certain divided attention tests. The DRE can also request a toxicological test such as a urine test or a blood test to help determine if there are drugs in the driver’s system. After performing all of the steps, the DRE can make a determination as to the impairment of the driver.

Getting Help

Once a person faces a drug-related DUI arrest in Greenwich, there is exposure to jail time, fines, probation, community service, treatment programs, and ignition interlock services. These consequences can be long-lasting and far-reaching. As such, it is in your best interest to consult with a drug DUI lawyer in Connecticut. Our office is happy to help. Simply contact us to have your questions answered and learn more about how you can build a defense against your charge.

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