Second Offense

A second DUI charge in Greenwich differs in some ways from a first offense. The penalties, while similar, will be slightly different and heightened. In addition, if you have already used the alcohol education program, it will not be available to you again. However, there is still a chance to avoid significant jail time through the use of probation. Learn more on this page.


Second DUI offenses in Greenwich are treated much more severely than first time DUIs. This is because the court and prosecution are beginning to think there is a substance abuse issue, or even worse, the person does not care and is not being swayed by the legal system to conform their behavior to what society has deemed acceptable.

If you find yourself in this situation and you face a 2nd DUI charge, you need to know what you are up against. The consequences will be more severe the second time around than they were the first time, and you could face a significant disruption of your life. On this page, learn more about what to do if you face a second DUI in Greenwich or anywhere else in Connecticut.

2nd DUI Offense Penalties

A second DUI offense has punishments that range from (1) Up to two years imprisonment, with 120 days mandatory, (2) Probation and community service, (3) Fines not exceeding $4,000.00, (4) 45 days of license suspension, (5) Three years of driving with an ignition interlock device (IID), and (6) One year of only driving to work, school, treatment or interlock service. If the person is under 21, the suspension is three years, or until they turn 21, whichever is longer. Further, there are no pretrial diversionary programs like there are for first-time offenders.

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Convictions for second DUI offenses typically result in a jail sentence, but often that sentence is suspended. This means that the person is released, but if there are any violations of their probation, they will be required to serve the entirety of the sentence. Convictions also have long-lasting effects on housing, employment, education, and so forth and must be treated very seriously. Having a second DUI conviction on your criminal record can impact your ability to move on from the DUI and put the past behind you.

Defending Yourself Against a Second DUI Offense

Due to these severe penalties, it is important that one speak with a DUI defense attorney on these matters. It is especially helpful to find a lawyer who has worked with second and third DUIs before, since they will have a better understanding of what you are up against and how to defend you. To speak with an attorney today, call Lady DUI. We are happy to provide the resources that you need.

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