CDL License Impact

It can take a lot of time and money to obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL). Such a license can open doors professionally, but it is also a big responsibility. For this reason, those who have CDLs are held to higher standards than the average driver. A Guilford DUI charge can have a significant impact on a CDL holder. Learn more here.


DUIs have a pronounced impact on any offender. This is especially the case when the offender has a Connecticut Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). This is the case in part because CDL holders deal with all the ramifications a regular person does, but with the added issues of CDL qualification and employment. CDL holders are used to drive large and dangerous vehicles and transport hazardous materials, and as such, those allowed the privilege to own a CDL are held to a higher standard. Facing a Guilford DUI can have serious implications for a commercial driver’s license holder’s freedom as well as their livelihood. Learn more on this page.

Facing a DUI and CDL Consequences

A refusal or failure of a blood alcohol content (BAC) test by a CDL driver results in an immediate one-year loss of that CDL. If the driver was working in the capacity of a commercial driver’s license, the license suspension will last for three years. When driving a regular motor vehicle, the legal BAC limit is .08%, but while driving as a commercial motor vehicle, the legal limit is .04%.

The first offense will usually only result in the punishments typical of their non-CDL counterpart, but a license suspension can be particularly problematic for someone who drives for a living. In addition, any subsequent DUIs would result in a loss of the commercial driver’s license for life. The driver may, after ten years, apply for reinstatement of the license. However, they will need to show voluntary engagement in substance abuse treatment and other good cause in order to get their license back. DUIs or refusals in other states are counted in the state of Connecticut.

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Further, Connecticut law is not all one need be concerned with by way of a DUI with a commercial driver’s license. Federal rules and regulations apply as well. Under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the BAC limit is always .04% regardless of what type of driving is being done. This means that even if operating a regular motor vehicle, you are held to a higher standard because you also hold a commercial driver’s license. Also, a refusal is a failure per se. This is, again, due to the dangerous nature of the vehicles involved and the hazardous loads.

Commercial driver’s license drivers typically have such a license for work-related purposes, and as such, a DUI has long-term and lasting effects on their employment. This makes it even more crucial that if you are a commercial driver’s license holder facing a Guilford DUI, you have a lawyer to defend you against the situation. To speak with such a lawyer, contact Lady DUI today.

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