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Second Offense

It can be disheartening to be charged with a second Guilford DUI after you have already been through this process once. However, this does happen to some people. If you have been charged with a second DUI in Connecticut, it is important to understand what you are up against and how you can protect your rights. Learn more here.


A second-time DUI in Guilford greatly affects a person’s life, and the court and prosecution are less sympathetic to these challenges with each subsequent DUI after the first. If you are facing your 2nd Guilford DUI charge in Connecticut, this page will offer more information about potential penalties, why the court comes down on second offenders harder than they do first offenders, and what you can do to defend yourself against this charge.

Second-Time DUI Penalties

For a second-time DUI, the punishments typically include – up to two years in prison with a mandatory one hundred and twenty days served, probation for the remainder of a suspended sentence, one hundred hours of community service, a fine of up to $4,000.00, a 45-day loss of your driver’s license, and one year of only driving to treatment or work once the license is reinstated, followed by three required years of ignition interlock device use on the vehicle(s) that you drive. If the person is under 21, the 45-day suspension is 45 days or until the person turns 21 whichever is longer.

Second-time DUIs are treated more harshly than first DUIs because it is the belief of the court and prosecution that the person is beginning to prove themself incapable of conforming their behavior to the requisite conduct. They suspect that either the penalties were not harsh enough the first time around to deter this behavior, or that the driver has a serious alcohol or drug problem. So as to where the first DUI can be seen as a mistake or misjudgment, the second DUI is viewed as a pattern of conduct.

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Pre-trial diversionary programs are not offered for second-time DUI offenders, and prison sentences are usually given. However, most prison sentences are suspended, meaning the person is put on probation to serve the remainder of their sentence. However, if that person violates their probation or is charged with a new crime while on probation, the probation option will be revoked. In this case, that person must go to prison for the full amount of the term imposed by the court. If you are offered probation as an alternative to going to prison, make sure to take this seriously. Do not violate the terms of your release or you will face having to go to prison.

If you are dealing with a 2nd Guilford DUI, it is important that you speak with someone who is capable of helping you through this situation. To talk with an attorney who understands the nuances of these cases and is best prepared to negotiate the best possible outcome on your behalf, contact Lady DUI today. Our lawyers have handled 2nd DUI cases and can help with your situation.

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