Third Offense or Subsequent

If you have already been convicted of a first and second DUI in Guilford, and now you are charged with a third or subsequent DUI, the state may view you as a persistent offender. As such, they will increase the penalties that you face, in order to deter you from getting yet another DUI charge. Learn more here.


Third-time DUIs in Guilford are treated especially harshly by the courts. This is because the courts no longer feel that the defendant appreciates the severity of their actions or the consequences possible for said actions. As such, they feel that the penalties need to increase in an attempt to teach the offender a lesson. Similarly to how a second DUI is punished more than a first DUI, each subsequent DUI receives greater punishments. On this page, I outline these penalties as well as how you can defend yourself against a Guilford 3rd offense DUI.

Penalties of Third-Time DUI

Penalties for a third-time DUI include – up to three years imprisonment with one year mandatory, probation for the remainder of the sentence, 100 hours of community service, a fine of up to $8,000.00, a driver’s license suspension for two years, and, if the license is reinstated, the use of an ignition interlock system for life.

The Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner determines after two years if a person’s driver’s license should be reinstated. The Commissioner makes this decision based on determining if the person is still a threat to public safety. Further, the commissioner may, after 15 years, remove the ignition interlock device requirement if good cause is shown. Usually, this includes having the offender attend a voluntary substance abuse program and showing good standing in the community.

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It is important to also note that for third-time DUIs, the law will make the defendant submit to assessment from the court support services division and undergo a treatment program. Also, prison sentences increase with each subsequent DUI. DUIs in different states count in Connecticut for these purposes. In addition, anyone with aggravating circumstances can see enhanced penalties. These circumstances include but are not limited to accidents resulting in serious injury or death, refusing a blood alcohol content (BAC) test, refusing to submit to ab bodily fluids test, fleeing the scene, resisting arrest, driving with a BAC double the legal limit, endangering a child, and others.

Getting Help

3rd and subsequent DUIs can have a lengthy interference on a person’s life, and the penalties associated with it can be quite daunting. The penalties associated with this greatly impact employment and general life enjoyment, as well as freedom. To best navigate these serious waters, contact Lady DUI today to speak with a Guilford DUI defense lawyer. Our staff have worked with 3rd and subsequent DUIs in the past and can help defend your rights and find the best outcome for your situation. Contact us now for help.

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