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Impact of a DUI

A Connecticut DUI conviction can have serious implications beyond just criminal penalties such as going to jail or facing a fine. Your career may be jeopardized by a DUI charge or conviction. This might be the case if you have a professional license which can be suspended or revoked due to a criminal situation. Learn more about the consequences of a DUI on your life in this section.


Facing a Connecticut DUI can have lifelong impact for your professional and personal life. In this section of our website, we discuss many of the different effects that a DUI might have on various careers as well as family life. Learn more about careers that could be at stake due to a Connecticut DUI here.

Connecticut Careers and DUI

Some of the most obvious careers that will be impacted by DUI are those that require you to drive. If you are a bus driver or a taxi driver, your job is reliant on your license. In most cases, a DUI means that your license will be suspended, whether by the state, the DMV, or both. If your license is suspended or revoked, you won’t be able to drive a bus or a taxi. In this way, you could lose a bus driving or taxi driving job. Learn more on our bus driver and taxi driver pages.

Another job that could be seriously impacted by a DUI is a pilot’s job. As a pilot who has gotten a DUI, this must be reported to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA then has the power to revoke your pilot license. You can learn more about DUI and a piloting career on this page.

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Another industry that can be highly impacted by a DUI arrest or conviction is medicine. Medical professionals run the risk of having their professional licenses suspended or revoked in the wake of a DUI conviction. This is the case for doctorsnurses, dentists, and anyone else with a professional license in the medical field. Most likely, you will have to go before the professional board that deals with your license to determine what happens next.

Teachers are also highly impacted by DUI arrests and convictions. Because teachers are in charge of the physical and mental safety of minors, anything that shows poor judgement could impact their license to teach. A DUI would fall into this category. You can learn more about teaching and DUI on this page.

DUI can also greatly impact a military career. Whether you are already in the military or interested in joining the military, a DUI can be a major issue. It could prevent your military career from ever starting, or it can end your military career. This of course depends on your particular situation. Learn more here.

Finally, even young people can be effected by a DUI in the form of having their college career impacted. Student athletes may lose scholarships, or students may be put on a probationary period or kicked out of school altogether. Learn more about a college career and a DUI on this page.

Help With a DUI

As you can see, getting a DUI can have lifelong consequences on your professional life, not to mention your personal life. If your career is on the line due to a DUI arrest or conviction, contact my office to defend yourself.

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