Doctors can be seriously impacted by a Connecticut DUI charge or conviction. The medical board may choose to take action against you, such as suspending your professional license to practice medicine for a certain period of time. Learn more about how a DUI can impact your medical career here.


While getting a DUI can be devastating for anyone, a DUI can be more damaging to some careers than others, particularly for doctors. If you are a doctor who has received a DUI, there are some actions that you should take in order to minimize the potential damage to your career. These actions will be discussed here. Keep in mind that in recent years, more and more doctors have been punished for getting DUIs. In order to prevent this from happening to you, you should be proactive.

Medical Board

Drug and alcohol abuse will lead to action being taken against you from the Medical Board. This has been the case in recent years, as DUIs have become more prevalent. DUIs reflect poorly on medical practices, so the Medical Board is taking them more seriously. If you get a DUI, there is a strong chance that the Medical Board will take disciplinary action against you.

However, this does not necessarily mean that your career is over or you will get a severe punishment. You might just be asked to undergo a drug and alcohol treatment program. There might not be any threat to your license to practice medicine. However, because the Medical Board has become stricter about alcohol abuse in doctors, you might face serious consequences for receiving one or more DUI.

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Reporting Your DUI

It is in your best interest to report your DUI to the Medical Board as soon as you are charged. You must do this by sending a written report to the Medical Board’s enforcement division. If you don’t report your DUI to the Medical Board, you could have your medical license revoked.

Once the Medical Board receives your report, it will open an investigation on you and your DUI. This investigation will most likely include an interview. Make sure that you prepare for this interview. Answer all questions asked by the Medical Board clearly and honestly, and make an effort to show that you are committed to fixing the mistakes that you have made in the past.

In most cases, if you have only been charged with one DUI, and you cooperate with the Medical Board, you won’t lose your medical license. However, the Medical Board will take multiple DUI offenses much more seriously. You could potentially lose your medical license if you are convicted of several DUIs and show no desire to change.

Dealing With the Medical Board

Doctors could face severe consequences they get a DUI. If you fail to properly report your DUI to the Medical Board, you might risk losing your medical license. Likewise, if you do not cooperate with the Board’s investigation, you could lose your medical license.

Getting a DUI could potentially end your career as a doctor. Keep in mind that in many cases, you will be able to keep your medical license, so long as you express to the Medical Board that you know that you made a mistake and are taking actions to prevent it from happening again. Still, it is important to consider these consequences and take the Medical Board’s investigation seriously.

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