Security Clearances

Background checks are required if you want to hold certain jobs or if you want to own or rent property. A background check may be necessary to grant a security clearance. Having a DUI on your criminal record could prevent you from getting certain jobs. You can learn more on this page. For help, contact us.


Before employers hire or promote employees, they will oftentimes conduct security clearances and background checks. These searches help the employer understand information about an individual’s credit and criminal history, as well as other personal information. While this might seem like an invasion of privacy, some employers utilize security clearances and background checks to determine if a person is fit to handle sensitive information, to carry a weapon, or to carry out another important part of the job they are applying for.

The amount of information involved in a background check or a security clearance will depend on the type of search conducted. A background check will usually reveal a person’s criminal record, while a security clearance check usually gives information about a person’s identity, immigration status, and criminal history. Again, this information is used to determine if a person is right for a certain job based on their trustworthiness and integrity.

The government oftentimes will conduct security clearances if an employee will be exposed to secret information or national security information in their job. Those exposed to this information must be cleared through a background check. This is used as evidence of trustworthiness. The most common red flags during a security clearance check include dishonorable discharges, convictions that could carry penalties of a year of incarceration or longer, and substance abuse and addiction.

DUIs and Security Clearances 

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In some cases, a DUI can impact your security clearances, or it may not. It depends on the context of the security clearance search and the job that you are applying for. For example, a DUI could jeopardize security clearance for those in the military, but might not be problematic for other professions.

A DUI will not automatically prevent a military member from obtaining/maintaining security clearance, but the agency granting security clearances will view a DUI as cause for concern. It may be more difficult for that person to obtain and maintain security clearance, even if it is not an automatic disqualification. In many fields of employment, a DUI won’t cause issues with security clearances, especially if it is an isolated issue and that person has proven their trustworthiness in other ways.

Background Checks

A background check is usually performed on potential new employees by employers to learn more about the individual and determine if they can be trusted with sensitive material. The employer may also use a background check to see if the individual’s record matches what they have claimed on their resume or in their interview. These checks can be performed by employers even when the work is not related to the government or national security. 

A DUI or any other criminal conviction will appear on background checks performed by employers. Many employers will ask the potential employee to consent to a background check before they are considered for the position. Background checks are also used by landlords when they consider renting to new tenants. Typically, if a DUI is revealed in a background check, it will not be completely detrimental to that person being considered for employment or housing. However, this depends on the employment and the individual requiring the background check. Typically, more serious charges, like violence or stealing, are more of a red flag for background checks.

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