Consequences Driving Suspended License

Having a driver's license suspension is not fun and can be very frustrating. However, it is not a good idea to try to get away with driving if your license has been suspended. If you are caught, it can make the situation worse. Instead, consider some driving alternatives and how you can get your license reinstated.


It is not a good idea to drive in Connecticut with a suspended license. You might be wondering why this is a bad idea. If you drive carefully, you might be thinking that this is something that you can get away with. However, on this page I will explain why it is a bad idea to risk driving without a license. I also explain the consequences that you could face. Remember, if you think you need to drive, you might be eligible for a work or education permit. Risking additional penalties at this time is not the way to resolve your issue.

It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle in the state of Connecticut if your license has been suspended or revoked. If you are caught driving with a suspended license, you face penalties. As a first time offender, you face a $150-200 fine, as well as three months in jail. These penalties will be added to any other fines and jail time that you have originally received for your DUI.

In addition, getting caught while driving with a suspended license can make restoring your driving privileges more difficult. This means that after the original suspension is over, you still might not be able to get your license back. In addition, the jail time, fines, and other penalties increase if you are caught driving with a suspended license multiple times. These penalties are not worth the risk of driving.

Driving Under Suspension Alternatives

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There are many alternatives that you have to driving with a suspended license. If you are eligible, you can apply for a work or education permit. This will allow you to drive back and forth to work or school. This can help your everyday life seem less disrupted by your license suspension. You can also take advantage of public transportation or work out a schedule with loved ones so that you can get to the places that you need to go.

License Reinstatement

Remember that at the end of the license suspension period, you still need to contact the DMV in order to apply to get your license back. Your license is not automatically reinstated, so you can’t just start driving because the original suspension period has ended. You must contact the DMV, pay a fee, and apply to get your license back, or you can be charged with driving with a suspended license. If you need help getting your license reinstated, you can contact my office for assistance.

As you can see, it is not a good idea to risk driving while your license is suspended. Consider the alternatives that you have to doing something illegal, such as applying for a work permit or establishing a driving schedule with loved ones. When your license suspension is coming to an end, it is a good idea to be proactive and contact the DMV so that you can begin driving again as soon as possible. For assistance with this process, please contact me.

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