Drug DUI

Determining if someone is driving under the influence of drugs is a more difficult process than determining if they are driving under the influence of alcohol. There are Drug Recognition Experts (DREs) that are trained to detect drugged driving, but this process can be inaccurate. Learn more about detecting drug DUIs here.


General drug DUIs differ from alcohol DUIs, but are quite similar, with respect to detection, as that of the marijuana DUI. Although most people are aware that a Milford DUI can be garnered by use of illegal drugs, it is important to note as well that legal prescribed drugs can also result in a DUI. This is because Connecticut law makes no distinction between legal and illegal drugs as they relate to operating a motor vehicle. You can learn more about the drug DUI on this page.

Difficulty Determining Drug DUIs

As with marijuana DUI, a Milford drug DUI is harder to detect than a traditional alcohol DUI because of the fact that a BAC test cannot be administered to determine if the person is over the legal threshold. Further, blood and urine tests are difficult to evaluate due to the fact that most drugs will linger in the bloodstream for some time.

This makes it difficult to detemrine when the drug was ingested and if a person was actually driving under the influence or if the drug was not actively influencing them while they were driving. Also, due to the wide-ranging types of drugs, and the varied nature of the outward manifestation of drug use, it is often harder to perceive drug use than alcohol use, particularly with those that have a drug dependency problem.

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Drug Recognition Experts

In Connecticut, drug recognition experts are needed for evaluating if a person is under the influence. They use a system that is called the Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement to do so. This system is a 12-step test to determine if the person is indeed under the influence of drugs. An officer certified in drug recognition will review the situation and physical signs of impairment in the driver.

This information, along with statements from the driver and the results of drug tests will help an officer make a determination as to the state of the driver when they were operating the vehicle. Of course, such a determination is not always accurate. A good DUI defense lawyer can refute the findings of a drug recognition expert.

The consequences of a DUI may include jail time, a fine, and other serious penalties. As such, it is important for someone in this situation to obtain an adequate lawyer. To speak with an attorney, please call Lady DUI today.

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