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First Offense

If you are facing your first Milford DUI offense, this page has a lot of information that you need to know regarding what happens next. Here, we discuss the penalties that you might face from both the court and the DMV, what to expect if you get a DUI and you are underage, and the diversionary options that might be available to you.


For the most part, 1st offense DUIs are treated much less harshly than subsequent DUIs in Milford. It is important to state that, because most people dealing with their first DUI are also dealing with their first exposure to the criminal justice system. Either way, dealing with a Milford DUI arrest can be confusing and cause much distress. DUI offenses may have long-lasting consequences for someone and can result in a variety of outcomes. On this page, you can learn more about 1st DUI offenses, their consequences, and what you can expect from the court process.

1st Offense DUI Penalties

Potential penalties for a 1st offense DUI are; (1) six months of jail time with a mandatory minimum of two days, (2) Up to 100 hours of community service, (3) Fines between $500.00 and $1,000.00, (4) A 45 day license suspension, and one year of ignition interlock system use in your vehicle once the driver’s license is reinstated.

First offenders for DUI are oftentimes offered a program referred to as the Pretrial Alcohol Education Program as an alternative to a DUI conviction. Offenders that meet the eligibility requirements, upon completion of the course, have their DUI dismissed. In exchange for the opportunity to take the course and avoid a condition or record, the defendant will waive their right to a speedy trial, agree to toll the statute of limitations, and complete the requirements of the course. The course typically includes 10-15 counseling sessions once a week, a victim impact panel, and sometimes community service.

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The section of the court that will handle determining what is necessary by doing an evaluation and assessment for the defendant is called Court Support Services, as well as the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Consequences For Those Under 21

The consequences for a 1st offense change a bit if the person is under the age of 21. The BAC for someone under the legal drinking age is .02%, and those under 21 will have their licenses seized for 48 hours immediately. Once the suspension period is complete, the offender is required to be brought to the police station by a guardian, who must sign out the minor’s driver’s license. Further, in addition to this, the offender will face all the possible punishments as an adult DUI, but without the benefit of the aforementioned classes, as they do not qualify. Minors may also not use their youthful offender because it is not applicable to a 1st offense DUI.

Despite first DUIs having the potential to be resolved in a less harsh manner, the potential punishments have long-lasting implications, and it is imperative to work out a good deal with the State’s Attorney. To this end, it is important to have a talented attorney on your side. In order to speak with a Milford DUI defense attorney, call Lady DUI today.

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