Third Offense or Subsequent

Facing a first or second DUI offense in Milford can be difficult, but a third or subsequent DUI can be even more serious. You could face serious prison time, large fines, a revocation of your license, and more. On this page, you can learn more about what you are up against and how you can protect yourself from this charge.


A 3rd DUI in Milford are treated especially with non-leniency. This is because the court views it as quite clear that the defendant does not take the court or their own actions seriously and more than likely has a serious substance abuse issue. This applies to anyone with two previous arrests for DUI in the last 10 years, and DUIs in other states count. The court now views the person as a danger to others, and the consequences can be much more severe. Read on to learn more about 3rd or subsequent DUI penalties in Milford.

3rd DUI Penalties

The legal consequences for a 3rd DUI include:

  • No more than three years in prison, with a mandatory minimum of one year
  • Probation with 100 hours of community service
  • A fine from $,2,000.00 to $8,000.00
  • A license suspension for two years, and, if reinstated, ignition interlock for life.

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However, the commissioner can restore a license once a person has become eligible, and after 15 years, they may end the lifetime use of the ignition interlock system. The commissioner is tasked with determining if the person is still a threat to the public’s safety. They will review the your situation to determine if your license should be reinstated or if the revocation should stand.

Third and each subsequent DUI see the penalties increase each time, and the penalties can be greatly increased if there is an aggravating factor found. These types of factors include, but are not limited to, those involving serious death or injury, endangerment of a child, operating with a suspended or revoked license, resisting arrest or fleeing, and having a BAC double the legal limit.

Persistent offenders face harsher penalties and prison sentences. In Connecticut, a persistent offender is someone who: (1) has been convicted of 2nd-degree manslaughter or assault involving a motor vehicle and; (2) has been convicted of either offense, DUI, or a similar offense in Connecticut or another state in the past 10 years. This triggers the requirement that the person submit to alcohol or drug assessment through Court Support Services, and to undergo the recommended treatment program.

If you are charged with a 3rd DUI or face a subsequent arrest, it is very important that you have legal representation to defend you and minimize the penalties that you face. Our team at Lady DUI is available to offer you the representation that you need at this time.

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