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Third Offense or Subsequent

A first or second DUI can be difficult to deal with in New Britain, but it is not the most serious DUI situation. A third or subsequent DUI can have more severe penalties. On this page, we outline these penalties as well as what you can do to defend yourself against the charge and get your license back after a driver's license revocation.


Getting arrested for a New Britain DUI for a third or subsequent time is not taken lightly by the court. It is seen as a serious offense, as the court will not be sympathetic if the offender is in front of them multiple times for the same offense. Consequences for a third time or subsequent offender are more extreme since the courts view such offenders as unfit for driving safely on the roads. You can learn more about a 3rd DUI offense on this page. 

3rd Offense Penalties

The following are punishments for third time or subsequent DUI offenders:

  1. Up to three years of imprisonment with a mandatory time period of at least one year served. In addition, 100 community service hours with probation.
  2. A fine of $2,000-$8,000.
  3. Revocation of a driver’s license until the defendant is eligible for reinstatement two years later. If the license is reinstated, then driving privileges consist of only driving an ignition interlock device equipped vehicle either for the rest of the time the offender will be driving or once the requirement is removed by the commissioner after 15 years have passed. 

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In order for the commissioner to reinstate a revoked license, the offender must not be deemed a danger to public safety anymore and must meet the requirements for restoration, which are ignition interlock device equipment use, rehabilitation program attendance, and other mandates. The commissioner may remove the ignition interlock device requirement after a hearing where good cause is presented if the offender has finished driving for 15 years with the device. 

Persistent Offenders

§53A-40F is a statute in Connecticut for continuing DUI offenders, which expresses that a person is a “persistent operating under the influence felony offender” if they 1) have been convicted of second-degree assault or manslaughter with a motor vehicle, and 2) if they were convicted of either of the two prior offenses, a DUI, or any similar offense in other states within the last 10 years. An offender convicted of a DUI in a different state, then charged with another DUI in Connecticut, will be charged as a subsequent offender. The court has the ability to give out increased jail time for repeat offenders. 

There may be higher consequences for any DUI if such factors are involved: endangerment of a child, denial of the urine, breath, or blood test, serious bodily harm or death resulting from a DUI accident, fleeing the scene or law enforcement, driving with a suspended or revoked license, having a BAC of more than two times the legal limit, or resisting arrest.

Just one DUI is enough to have large impacts on a person’s life, but a third or subsequent charge can really influence a person’s reputation, ability to find work or go to school, ability to get professional licenses, and it can be a large financial burden on a person. It is important to have a well-informed New Britain DUI defense attorney by your side if you have a third or subsequent DUI charge. Contact Lady DUI to help advocate and fight for your best possible outcome. 

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