Diversion Program

For many DUI offenders, particularly first-time offenders, a diversionary program may be available to you so that you can avoid conviction. A few common programs that you might be eligible for are accelerated rehabilitation, the supervised diversionary program, and the pretrial alcohol education program. Learn more here.


Being charged with a DUI in Connecticut has many consequences, such as fines, jail sentences, and license suspensions. However, there are some alternative programs a defendant can take if they are eligible and the court allows them permission. Connecticut has many DUI diversion programs available to offenders, with the court’s approval.

Accelerated Rehabilitation

Accelerated Rehabilitation is a diversion program offered to those charged with non-serious crimes or motor vehicle infractions that can result in a jail sentence. If there was a victim as a result of the crime, the victim must be informed of the defendant’s application to the program, and the victim can give their opinion on the matter to the judge. If the court grants the defendant permission to participate in the program and the program is successfully completed, then the charges on the defendant will be dismissed. There is an application fee of $35 and a program fee of $100. The court may waive these fees.

The offender must be eligible for the program to apply, and a few factors may make an offender ineligible. Those who are ineligible may have been convicted of prior crimes, charged with certain felonies, or have taken other diversion programs in the past. Veterans are an exception to this rule. They can be eligible for this program again despite taking it before.

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The program defines a veteran as someone who 1) was honorably discharged from active service in the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and any reserve component, including the Connecticut National Guard and 2) is eligible to gain services from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Supervised Diversionary Program

The Supervised Diversion Program is used for those who have psychiatric disabilities or veterans with mental conditions which are responsive to treatment. This program may be available to those who committed a crime or motor vehicle infraction, which is not serious but would result in a jail sentence.

If there is a victim in the case, they will be made aware of the defendant’s program application and can give their opinion on it to the court. Court Support Services will help decide if a person can participate and what treatments and services they should get. If the defendant is approved for the program and completes it successfully, the court will dismiss the charges. Offenders who are not eligible for this program have used it twice already or do not qualify for Accelerated Rehabilitation.

Although DUIs come with both legal and personal consequences, these programs can help a defendant avoid the stress of court cases and consequences. A good attorney can help you participate in a diversion program if you have been charged with a DUI. Contact Lady DUI to speak with a DUI defense attorney today.

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