One of the things that you might be concerned about if you face a second DUI arrest is the license suspension that goes along with it. Read on to learn more about second DUI license suspensions, special provisions, and license reinstatement. For assistance with this process, contact us.


A 2nd DUI conviction results from a second DUI charge within 10 years after receiving a first DUI and could result in a driver’s license suspension. The state of Connecticut will consider a DUI a second offense even if the first offense occurred in a different state other than Connecticut. Prosecutors and judges are much less lenient when it comes to repeat offenders of DUIs. A second offense can result in a license suspension, higher fines, and a longer potential incarceration time.

Second Offense License Suspensions

In Connecticut, driving is considered a privilege, not a right. License suspension can affect a person’s ability to drive to work and make a living, especially if the person holds a CDL license. A license suspension can also affect a person’s ability to drive their children, drive to school, and can affect a person’s social life and overall quality of life.

A second offense will result in a license suspension of at least three years, or until the defendant turns 21 years old, whichever is longer. The license suspension will still be three years even if the DUI arrest took place in a different state. For the first year of the suspension, the driver is not permitted to drive at all, except with special permission to drive to and from school, work, substance abuse treatment, or an ignition interlock center. For the last two years of the suspension, the driver is permitted to drive but only with an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in the motor vehicle that they drive.

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License Reinstatement/Special Provisions

Only some people who get suspended licenses are entitled to a special driving permit for the purpose of getting to work and school. With a previous alcohol-related suspension, it is less likely that this special permission will be granted, however. In order to be considered for this, a form must be filled out and submitted to a DMV driver services division. The division will make a determination on this special permit based on driving history and good reason.

After the offender has completed the three years of license suspension, the offender must complete a substance abuse treatment program that was approved by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles and prove successful completion. The offender can then submit a payment of $125 to restore the license. Driving without the required ignition interlock device or driving while still under suspension is never recommended because it could result in additional penalties like jail time and steep fines. As painful as it is, complying with all of the mandatory penalties is necessary for the best outcome possible.

Many second offenders would rather take more community service, probation, and fines just to be able to keep their license and have the freedom to drive after a second DUI. Although these penalties are very severe, they have been set by the Connecticut legislature, and there is little to no wiggle room in license suspension periods for second DUI offenses. However, there are still other penalties that can be negotiated as well as potential issues in a case that can be raised to defend against the DUI altogether. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Connecticut and are facing a license suspension, call Lady DUI today to speak with a DUI attorney.

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