Third Offense

A third or subsequent DUI offense can have serious consequences. You will face a lengthy prison sentence with a mandatory minimum that you have to serve, significant fines, and the revocation of your license. Learn more about the consequences that you face and how to fight the charge on this page.


Facing a third offense DUI in Connecticut can result in serious consequences. In this section of our website, we explain what you can expect if you have been charged with a 3rd or subsequent DUI and how to best defend yourself.

What to Expect From a Third Offense

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the court does not look fondly on a third offense DUI. When you faced the court process for your first DUI, the court may have been understanding and accommodating. They may have been willing to work with you to minimize the penalties or provide an alternative punishment to jail time.

However, by the time you are on your third offense DUI, the court is not as forgiving. They believe that you did not take your first DUI charges seriously and that therefore, they need to impose additional penalties to prevent you from driving while under the influence in the future. The penalties that you are up against include:

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  • A $2,000-8,000 fine.
  • Up to three years in prison, with a mandatory minimum of one year and probation with 100 hours of community service. 
  • License revocation until the offender reaches eligibility for reinstatement after two years. If the license is reinstated, driving privileges will only be for the use of a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device for as long as the offender drives, or the requirement is lifted by the commissioner after 15 years.

Obviously, the most serious penalties here are the prison sentence and the license revocation. You can learn more about these penalties on this page.

If you are interested in restoring your license after the mandatory ban, you can learn more about this on our license suspension for third DUI page.

Both of these pages should give you some additional information to help you understand what you are up again. Remember that getting a DUI in any state can count toward the three DUIs mentioned in the 3rd DUI penalties. Even if you have an out-of-state DUI, this will be considered by the state of Connecticut.

Protecting Yourself

The penalties that you face for a third offense or subsequent DUI are very severe. As such, you need to do everything you can to minimize them. The best way that you can protect your rights in this situation is by hiring a DUI defense lawyer who has worked with multiple DUI offenders in the past. Such a lawyer can make sure that the court does not take advantage of you. They can also provide the best defense for your situation and argue for minimal penalties. While there are no guarantees, especially for multiple offenders, finding the right lawyer to represent you can make a big difference in your situation.

For more information, contact our office and set up a free consultation with one of our lawyers. We are happy to answer your questions and put your mind at ease. Let us handle this situation for you and fight for you.

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