There are many different steps involved in a Connecticut DUI, and for someone who is unfamiliar with the process, this can be overwhelming. Here, you can learn more about getting stopped by the police, the discovery phase of a trial, asking for a continuance from the court, and more. If you have additional questions about DUI defense, contact us.


If you have been charged with a Connecticut DUI, you likely don’t know very much about the court process or what to expect. Preparation before a trial is very important. Most of the clients that I work with are dealing with the law for the first time when they face a DUI arrest. If you are confused about the next steps to come and how to prepare to defend yourself, look no further. On this page, I will discuss some of the DUI case preparation topics that you should consider if you need to defend yourself against a DUI.

DUI Stops

Most DUI charges begin with a traffic stop, which results in the police officer becoming suspicious that the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The officer will request that the driver perform three field sobriety tests and will further observe the driver’s speech and behavior.

The officer may observe the inside of the vehicle as well for the odor of alcohol, drug paraphernalia, or open alcohol containers. The officer will arrest the driver and bring them to the local police station and book them, take down all of their information, put them into a holding cell, and then release them after setting a bond amount and allowing them to make a phone call. After all of this, the case is in the hands of the court system. The prosecutor will begin collecting all of the evidence from the police department.

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Discovery and Continuances – Preparation For Trial

In every case, even the most minor criminal cases, there is a great deal of discovery in the form of physical evidence, police reports, surveillance, and test results that must be requested by the defense. You should focus on this in preparation of your case. The prosecutor is required to turn all discovery over so that the defense can expect what will potentially be introduced at trial and have time to prepare a defense against the allegations. Even in cases that do not make it to trial, there is a discovery phase that allows the defense to request the breath test results and field sobriety test results as well as the police report at a minimum.

Before a trial takes place, the case may also be continued. A continuance will allow both sides to prepare their cases adequately. While you might just want to get this experience over with, continuances can be helpful for you in your defense in many cases. Consult with a DUI defense lawyer to determine what needs to be done to properly prepare your defense. Make sure that your lawyer can make a continuance if necessary in preparation of your case.

These are some of the basic elements that can help you prepare to defend yourself against a DUI charge. It is a good idea to have a lawyer working on your defense, answering your questions, and ensuring that your rights are protected. To discuss your situation with a lawyer, contact me.

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