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Court Process

What can you expect from the Manchester courthouse if you have to go to court for a DUI charge? We explore this topic on this page. Here, you can learn more about the Connecticut courts, the length of a court case, who is involved in your case, what to expect from the courthouse, and how to act in court for the best outcome.


For those facing a Windsor DUI, the Windsor court process can be a daunting experience. Most DUI offenders have never had a run-in with the law before and can therefore be overwhelmed by the DUI court process. On this page, I will discuss some key elements to know about the court process and how to protect yourself against a DUI charge.

Windsor Court

Criminal matters, including DUIs, are held in a specific courthouse, depending on where the crime or arrest occurred. For DUI, it is where the person was arrested. Criminal courts in Connecticut are called Superior Courts, and there is a geographical number assigned to each. There are three different types of criminal matters – infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Criminal cases are brought by the prosecution. In Connecticut, the prosecutors are known as State’s Attorneys. State’s Attorneys represent the people and are assigned to the position by an independent board. Defendants are represented by defense attorneys, who ensure the case meets its burden and does not interfere with a defendant’s rights.

Length of Cases

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Windsor court processes tend to take time, and a common complaint from clients is that they feel their case is dragging on. This is because the outcomes of cases can be quite dramatic for one’s life, and those accused of DUI want to move on as quickly as possible. However, the prosecution and the court decide the case flow and docket and can change your court dates.

The other reason why Windsor court cases can take a long time is because of continuances. A continuance just means that the court date is moved to a later date to give both sides time to prepare their case. Continuances can actually help defendants as they seek to prepare their defenses and work with their attorneys. Continuances oftentimes happen because the defense needs time to get witnesses and evidence in order. This allows them to present the best possible defense. Therefore defendants must exercise patience in court proceedings, even if it seems to take a long time.

Going to Court

In Connecticut, DUIs are taken seriously by the courts. This means that the defendant should act in a reasonable, polite, and courteous manner while dealing with court personnel. At the same time, it is important to remember not to discuss your case with anyone other than your defense attorney. The defendants are always watched in court, and as such, one should dress professionally for court and entirely refrain from using vulgar or otherwise offensive words or behavior. Cases are never won or lost on appearances alone, but it certainly helps to be polite. It shows the court that you take the charges seriously and that you have respect for the law.

Going through this Windsor court process can be nerve-racking, and due to the punishments associated with DUI, one must find adequate representation to help them through the process. If you want to work with a Windsor DUI defense lawyer, contact Lady DUI today. We are happy to answer your questions and make sure that you are prepared for court.

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