Penalties of Connecticut Drug DUI

Are the penalties for a drug DUI charge the same as those for an alcohol DUI charge? Under the law in Connecticut, you will face similar penalties. Learn more about both the court process and the DMV process on this page. For additional help, contract our team.


If you have been charged with a drug DUI, you face certain penalties. As opposed to an alcohol-based DUI, there are some aspects of your situation and case that will differ from a traditional DUI. This is particularly the case in terms of evidence against you and proving that you were under the influence of an illegal substance. However, there are some aspects of the law that are the same. The drug DUI law and alcohol DUI law are the same in the state of Connecticut. This means that you will face the same penalties for a drug DUI as you would for an alcohol DUI. You can learn about these penalties here.

Criminal Penalties

If you are convicted of a DUI, whether it is a drug DUI or an alcohol DUI, you will face criminal charges and criminal penalties. These penalties will differ depending on a few factors, including if you are a first time offender or if you have previous DUIs on your record. Regardless of the specifics, there are a few categories of penalties that you face.

The first is a fine. Again, the amount of the fine will depend on your specific situation, but you could face thousands of dollars in fines depending on the situation. In addition, you could face jail time if you are charged with a DUI. First time DUI offenders rarely have to serve a jail sentence. They might enter rehabilitation or serve community service hours instead. However, a jail sentence is a possibility, and if you don’t have a lawyer on your side to defend you, it is an issue that you could face.

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Second or third time DUI offenders are also more likely to serve a jail sentence. Another big penalty for a DUI is a license suspension. It is very difficult to have a driver’s license suspension waived by the court. The best that you could hope for is obtaining a work or education permit so that you can drive to or from work or school.

Obviously, having your license suspended can make it very difficult to get around, whether for personal or professional reasons. If you have a job related to driving, such as being a truck driver, bus driver, etc. having a suspended license can have a serious impact on your livelihood. You also have to face the use of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle once the license suspension is over.

DMV Penalties

The court is allowed to suspend your license, but so is the DMV. This means that in addition to the driver’s license suspension imposed by the court, you could face a longer suspension from the DMV.

Even if the criminal court finds you not guilty of driving under the influence, the DMV can still suspend your license. The DMV is not a court of law, and it is not difficult for them to find cause to suspend your license. They don’t have to prove that you were driving under the influence of a substance to suspend your license.

Additional Charges

If you are charged with other drug-related crimes in addition to DUI, you could face additional penalties for these crimes. This could mean additional fines, jail time, and license suspensions. To defend yourself against a drug DUI and any additional charges, please contact my office.

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