Out-of-State DUI Conviction License Suspensions

What impact will an out-of-state DUI conviction have on your life in Connecticut and your ability to drive? On this page, you can learn how the states work together to communicate about DUI charges and convictions, and how to defend yourself against an out-of-state DUI.


What happens if you get a DUI in another state? Will your home state find out about it? Will your license be suspended across the board? If you face an out-of-state DUI, you may have questions such as these. On this page, I discuss how the Connecticut DMV, or any state’s DMV, can learn about a traffic related issue that took place in another state. I also discuss the driver’s license compact which exists between the majority of the states in the country.

How it Works

This is how the process works: the Connecticut DMV learns of a conviction in another state through the national driver register. The NDR consists of a central repository of information on individuals who can’t drive. This includes people who’s driving privilege got revoked, suspended, canceled, or denied. It also consists of those who got convicted of serious traffic-related offenses. All 50 states have access to this information about out-of-state convictions for license suspensions, so this is how different states find out about driving infractions, including DUI, which may not have occurred in their own state. For more information on out of state convictions and license suspensions, read on.

Driver’s License Compact

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Also, 48 states belong either to an agreement called the driver’s license compact or the non-resident violator compact. The only states that don’t belong to one or the other are Michigan and Wisconsin. When you get a ticket outside of your home state, the Department of Motor Vehicles will relay the information to your home state. This impacts your driving record as if the ticket happened there.

Many people find this especially difficult because had the arrest been in Connecticut, it may have been possible to avoid a conviction altogether by using a diversionary program and now that individual will not benefit from the program. (The Connecticut Appellate Court has found that there is no violation of the law in imposing the one year suspension).

Getting Help

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