Second Offense

Facing a second offense DUI charge in Derby or anywhere in the state of Connecticut means increased potential penalties. The process and penalties will differ from your first time being charged with a DUI, and you need a lawyer on your side. Learn more here and contact us for help.


If you face a second offense DUI in Derby, the stakes are much higher than they were for your first offense DUI. The types of penalties that you face will be the same as the first time around, but they will be more severe. This is because at this point, the court sees you as a “persistent offender.” When facing your first DUI, the court may have been more forgiving since they thought that your DUI could be a one-time mistake. But now that you’re charged with a second offense, they see you as a repeat offender and believe that only harsher penalties will deter you from further offenses.

While none of this is necessarily true, it is the way that the court sees you and the reason why a 2nd offense can be so difficult to navigate. Keep reading for more information on the second offense DUI in Derby and how to defend yourself and your freedom.

2nd Offense Penalties

You are likely familiar with the kinds of penalties that you face when it comes to a second DUI offense because you have been through this process before. However, the penalties increase. They include:

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  • A jail sentence that increases from six months for a first sentence to up to two years for a second offense. You may have had your jail sentence suspended the first time around, but for a second offense 120 days of this sentence are mandatory. Again, this sentence could be converted to probation time, but any slip ups on probation could mean that you have to go to jail and serve the rest of your sentence behind bars.
  • A fine that increases from $1,000 for a first offense to $4,000 for a second offense.
  • A period of probation.
  • Community service.
  • A driver’s license suspension for 45 days.
  • A period of using an ignition interlock device on all vehicles you drive that increases from one year for a first offense to three years for a second offense. The first year that your driver’s license is reinstated after a second offense, you can only drive to ignition interlock service centers, work, school, and alcohol or drug treatment.

Defending Your Rights

As you can see, the penalties become quite severe when you face your second DUI offense in Derby or anywhere in Connecticut. As was the case the first time around, one of the best things that you can do to protect yourself if you find yourself in this situation is to hire a Derby DUI defense lawyer who has worked with second offense cases before. A lawyer can use their relationships with the court and knowledge of local courts to argue for minimum penalties on your behalf. They can also have faulty evidence thrown out of court or at least called into question. No one else will advocate for you and what you want during this process, so having a lawyer on your side is essential in finding the right outcome for your situation.

If you would like to speak with a lawyer, contact our team. We are here to answer your questions and help you get through a 2nd offense DUI.

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