Medical Review Hearings

What can you expect if your license is at stake and you are attending a Medical Review Hearing to try to save your license? Find out on this page! For assistance saving your license, contact our office. We are happy to help you through a hearing and fight for your license.


If you have a medical review hearing scheduled, you might be wondering what this is and what to do at the hearing. On this page, you can find more information on medical review hearings, the legal process, and what to expect at such a hearing in Connecticut.

What is the Medical Review Hearing?

A medical review hearing is a hearing to determine if you have any medical issues that make it unsafe for you to operate a motor vehicle. Medical review hearings operate in a similar way to any other legal issue that must be resolved. There first is an investigation conducted that includes a letter requesting patient records, statements of treatment, specific questions about different treatment, and more.

The Department of Public Health can take this investigation and submit it as an alleged violation at which time the defending doctor can request that the Department dismiss the allegations because they have no merit. If the Department continues to proceed, the doctor will be given the chance to meet with the Department at an informal hearing and contest the charges.

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What to Expect From Medical Review Hearings

The initial informal meeting is a critical step in fighting against allegations because it is often the last chance to keep the impending issue out of the public eye. Because this stage is so important, it is a good idea to seek counsel that has experience with this Department and make sure that you have representation at this hearing. Hired attorneys may attend informal hearings, speak on a doctor’s behalf, and submit evidence and documents on behalf of the doctor.

Having an attorney is also critical to this stage because an attorney will know how to obtain the complaint, evaluate it, and use it to create a plan for defending against the charges. During this informal meeting, the doctor and his or her counsel can try to establish an agreement with the Department that does not involve a public hearing.

If the informal meeting is unsuccessful and a resolution cannot be reached, there will be a set formal hearing. At the hearing, any counsel will get the chance to present witnesses, expert testimony, statements from patients, and evidence in the form of documents. It is imperative that every possible position that a defending doctor has is made clear to the Medical Examining Board at this hearing and therefore, critical to have an attorney.

Getting Help

If you or a loved one has received a notice from the Department of Public Health or is being investigated by the Department, call our office to find out how we can help you through this. We are happy to represent you at a medical review hearing or provide additional resources to assist you. If you have questions about medical review hearings, reach out to us.

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