Second Offense

If you have already been through the DUI process in East Lyme because of a first offense DUI, you probably know a lot about it. However, if you now face a second DUI charge, you need more information on how a second charge differs from a first. You can find this information here. For assistance protecting your rights, contact us.


Second offense DUIs in East Lyme are treated much more harshly than first DUIs. This is because the court starts to see it as a sign of a deeper issue related to substance abuse or indifference. The court no longer sees your actions as a one-time mistake. Rather, they believe that the penalties need to become more severe because you are a repeat offender. If you find yourself in this position, don’t panic. There are still many ways to mitigate the situation and defend yourself. You can learn more about them here. 

Potential Penalties For a Second Offense

A 2nd DUI has penalties associated with it that include up to two years of incarceration with a minimum sentence to serve of 120 consecutive days and probation with 100 hours of community service, a $1,000-4,000 fine, a 45 day license suspension, followed by three years of driving with a vehicle that is equipped with an ignition interlock device, and the first year limited to driving to work, school, an alcohol or substance abuse treatment program, or an ignition interlock device service center. In addition, if the offender is under the age of 21, the driver’s license suspension will last 45 days or until they turn 21, whichever is longer. 

Unlike first DUIs, second DUIs cannot be resolved with a pretrial diversionary program. In most cases, you may have used your access to this program the first time around. As a result, the conviction for a second offense may result in jail time being served. However, this is often ordered as a suspended sentence, meaning the person is not detained by the court. Instead, the offender will likely serve their sentence on probation.

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But if they break the court-ordered probation in any way, they will be sent to jail to serve the entire sentence. It is important to take probation seriously and not to violate any of the terms of your release. Failure to comply with the court system could mean that you have to go to jail. Also, the second offense DUI is oftentimes accompanied by a large fine and the expenses of dealing with an ignition interlock system for a long period. 

Protecting Your Rights

Convictions for an East Lyme DUI can have a disastrous effect on your personal and professional life. It can potentially cost a lot of money to deal with. It is because of this that it is so crucial to have an attorney represent you so that you can get the best possible outcome. To speak with a DUI defense lawyer who has worked with second offenders in the past, contact Lady DUI. 

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