Three Steps to Take After DUI Arrest

There are a few things that you can do immediately after being charged with a DUI to control the situation and begin defending yourself. One of the first steps to take is getting your car back if it has been towed or confiscated by the police. Next, while your memory is fresh, write down everything that you remember about the day of your arrest. Finally, if you need to disclose a criminal arrest to your boss, do so.


Facing a DUI charge in the state of Connecticut can come as a shock. One minute, you are enjoying an evening out, and the next you are facing a DUI arrest and being humiliated and interrogated by the police. If you find yourself in this situation, and you have been charged with DUI, there are some steps that you should take. Taking action can make this experience easier for you and your loved ones. Here are three steps to take after a DUI arrest.

After a DUI Arrest – Get Your Car Back

You might not think about this, but after many DUIs, a driver is separated from their car. This might happen if the police take you to the police station. Even if you do not go to the station, the police won’t let you drive off while they believe that you are intoxicated. In many situations, the police will call a tow truck to take your car away. If this happens to you, you will have to get your vehicle back. Contact a loved one or call a taxi to give you a ride to the tow yard. Remember that you will likely have to pay a fee to get your vehicle back.

After a DUI Arrest – Recount What You Remember

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As soon as you can after a DUI arrest, write down everything that happened. Establish as many details as possible. DUI cases can drag on for months and months. By the time a trial rolls around, you might be fuzzy on the specifics of what happened. The prosecutor may try to trip you up and take advantage of memories that have faded over the months.

In this situation, it will be helpful to have an accurate record of what happened. Write down as much as you remember as soon as you can.

After a DUI Arrest – Talk to Your Boss (If Necessary)

As much as you might want to keep an arrest a secret, you might not be able to. Some companies have policies that if you get arrested, you need to inform your employer. This might especially be the case if your job requires you to drive, and you face a license suspension for a criminal charge. Review your company’s policy and determine how to proceed.

Contact an Attorney

If you face a Connecticut DUI arrest, another important step to take is to defend yourself against the charge. One step that you can take to do this is to contact a DUI attorney. Such a lawyer can review your situation and help you prepare your defense. If you are interested in speaking with a DUI lawyer, contact my office. We can review your case during a free consultation, and I am happy to answer any questions that you might have. You don’t have to go through this experience alone. Contact my office today to see how I can help.

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