Third Offense or Subsequent

Facing a third or subsequent Meriden DUI is different than facing a first or second offense. If you find yourself in this situation, you face significant penalties, including prison time, the revocation of your driver's license, and hefty fines. If you are in this position, contact our office for help.


If you are facing a third or subsequent DUI charge in the Meriden area, you are likely familiar with the DUI process at this point. However, the penalties do change as the offenses change, which is something that you should be aware of as you face a third or subsequent charge. If you find yourself in this situation, learn more about the penalties that you face this time around, as well as how to get help.


A third or subsequent DUI is considered the most serious DUI situation in Connecticut. Penalties for a third offense are the same as for a fourth, fifth, or subsequent charge. You will face the same types of penalties that you have faced in the past, but they will be more severe.

For example, you have faced a prison term for your first and second offenses, but it will be a larger potential sentence for a third or subsequent offense. You face up to three years in prison with a mandatory minimum sentence of one year. For your first offense, you may have avoided jail time altogether, but this won’t be the case for a third or subsequent offense.

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Another common penalty that you face is a fine. A third DUI offense can mean a fine of up to $8,000, which can have a significant impact on your finances. You also face a period of probation which would limit your life because it means not partaking in drugs or alcohol, reporting to a probation officer, avoiding certain people, not possessing firearms, and more. In addition, you might face community service.

Also consider that at this stage in the game, your driver’s license could be revoked altogether by the DMV. You face a license suspension of at least two years, followed by the use of an ignition interlock device in all vehicles that you drive for at least 15 years. This can be a significant hinderance if you drive for a living. Your regular driver’s license and/or commercial driver’s license could be revoked, effectively making it impossible for you to drive for a living. Even if your license is not revoked, you might lose your job depending on the circumstances. If you have a professional license to be a doctor, teacher, etc. this could mean the loss of your license and ability to do your job.

Getting Help

If you are facing a third or subsequent DUI in Connecticut, it is imperative to contact a DUI defense lawyer who has defended those with multiple convictions. These cases are different than those for first-time DUI offenders and require additional assistance since the stakes are so high.

If you find yourself in this position, consider contacting the team at Lady DUI. Our lawyers have seen it all and have defended against those facing three or more DUI convictions. We have also worked in the Meriden courthouses for years and know how to communicate effectively with the people in these courthouses. If you need help defending against a third or subsequent DUI, we are here for you. Contact us today!

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