First Offense

Facing a first offense New Britain DUI can be overwhelming. If you find yourself in this position, this page is for you! Learn about the potential penalties that you may face, how you can avoid a conviction, what to do if you are an offender under the age of 21, and how you can properly defend yourself.


A first offense DUI is penalized less harshly than repeating DUI offenses in New Britain. However, a first offense in Connecticut can still greatly impact one’s reputation, livelihood, and quality of life. You can learn more about 1st offense DUI charges in New Britain on this page.

1st Offense Penalties

The following are the punishments for a first offense:

  1. 100 hours of community service and up to six months of probation, or up to six months imprisonment with a mandatory minimum of two days.
  2. A fine of $500-$1,000.
  3. A license suspension of 45 days with one year of an ignition interlock device in the vehicle following suspension.

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Under Connecticut law, there are diversionary programs which certain eligible DUI offenders can take part in. With the completion of the program, charges will be dismissed. The DUI case and trial are replaced with substance abuse treatment or alcohol education.

The offender will be assessed through the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and a division of the court called Court Support Services. The assessment will evaluate the offender to decide if they meet eligibility for the program and what program will be recommended. 

First Offense Under 21

Commercial driving license holders are not eligible for this program. Neither are DUI offenders who have been convicted of other crimes, such as the operation or reckless operation of a vehicle under the influence or committing assault or manslaughter in the second degree with a vessel while under the influence. The program is not available for offenders under the legal drinking age of 21 years old who were driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of at least 0.2%.

There are more severe punishments for first-time offenders of ages 16 or 17 years old driving under the influence, having a BAC of at least 0.2%. Police will hold the offender’s driver’s license for 48 hours, and the vehicle will be towed. After the 48 hour hold is up, the offender must sign a release with a parent or guardian at the police station. DUI offenders under the age of 18 will be faced with all punishments of a first-time offender and are not permitted youthful offender status under §54-76b.

An attorney will be able to fight for the best possible outcome in a criminal case in addition to emphasizing the strengths of your case in a DMV hearing. If this is your first New Britain DUI and you would like representation, contact Lady DUI.

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