CDL License Impact

People have to work very hard in order to obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL). Unfortunately, all of this hard work can be undone with a motor vehicle violation or a motor vehicle crime like a Danbury DUI. Learn more about the consequences of a DUI for CDL holders and how they differ from penalties for regular drivers on this page.


A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is considered a privilege in Connecticut and is held to a higher standard than the privilege of holding a regular driver’s license. A DUI can have a serious license impact. This is because CDL holders drive large vehicles such as busses and trucks and oftentimes are transporting hazardous or otherwise dangerous materials. This, coupled with the employment nature of CDLs, means that Danbury DUIs can have much harsher and more long-term effects than is typical for a DUI. You can learn more about CDL DUI penalties on this page.

DUI and CDL License Impact

If convicted of DUI, a CDL license is automatically suspended for a year. If the DUI is received while driving hazardous materials, the license is automatically suspended for three years. This occurs when a person: (1) Refuses to take a BAC test; (2) fails the BAC test, which would be a BAC of .04% or higher while driving a commercial vehicle, or a .08% or higher while driving any vehicle, (3) is arrested for DUI resulting in a conviction.

Once disqualification occurs and lapses, the CDL may be reinstated, but any subsequent DUI or refusal of BAC would result in disqualification for life, which could be challenged after 10 years. This challenge would require that the person show voluntary involvement in treatment for an addiction program. If good cause is shown, the commissioner has the authority to reinstate the CDL license. This will mitigate the license impact over time.

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CDL licenses require a person to go through a long process and costs time and money. It is therefore typically done for employment purposes. Therefore DUIs as they relate to CDLs will often interfere with one’s job, and require the help of a lawyer to mitigate the penalties. For help, contact Lady DUI.

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